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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Show & Tell Friday: Heirloom Mantel Clock

For the blog event Show & Tell Friday hosted by My Romantic Home, I would like to show  my heirloom mantel clock which was given to me a few years ago by my father. This clock was a wedding gift given to my grandparents when they were married in 1932 in Norway, Michigan. It is made by the New Haven Clock Co.This particular model, going by the number inside the clock, as far as I can find out, was made between 1931 to about 1936.

I remember this clock sitting on a dresser in a back bedroom at my grandparent's Wisconsin dairy farm when I was a girl. The clock didn't work at that time and I remember the minute hand was not attached. Myself and my siblings and cousins used to play with the clock by opening the back and striking the chime bars! Even though the clock did not work then, it must have been still important to my grandmother, otherwise I doubt she would have kept it and she probably would not have scolded us whenever she caught us goofing around with it!

My grandfather passed away in 1980 and soon after his death the farm was sold and  the farm equipment was sold at auction.My grandmother moved back to Michigan, to Iron Mountain, where she had been born and raised and where most of her remaining family were still living. I did not see the clock again for many years and had forgotten about it until two years ago, my father and stepmother gave it to me. Apparently it had been in my dad's possession in storage for many years and he had had it repaired and cleaned and the hand put back on, so it now works just as well as it did in 1933! I love that they gave it to me and it looks perfect on the mantel of our living room fireplace.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tablescape Thursday First Submission:

I found a great blog called Between Naps on the Porch (which I added to my blog list, so you can check it out!) which has a blog event called 'Tablescape Thursdays'. Imagine my excitement when I learned there are so many people like me who love to put together beautiful tables!!!

I haven't taken any pictures recently of any table settings, but I do have some pictures I took in the past, so I thought I would post them for my first submission to Tablescape Thursday!  I also have a nice picture of the centerpiece I use at Christmastime for the dining room table, so I will include that one as well!

My fine china (bone china); Noritake's "Knottinghill" with platinum edge. (discontinued)

My fine crystal: Mikasa "Jamestown" Platinum

Some views of a place setting

This is the centerpiece I usually have on the dining room table for the holidays!

I loved these silver salt and pepper shakers that we found in an antique store! They were labeled as peacocks, but I think they are actually pheasants.

The bone china is Noritake's "Knottinghill" with a platinum edge and is a five piece place setting. This was my wedding china from my first marriage in 1995 and it has been discontinued for some years.

The fine crystal is Mikasa's "Jamestown" Platinum. I have both water goblets and wine glasses.
The champagne flutes were called "Michelangelo" but I do not recall at this time the maker. They were purchased years ago at Boston Store.
The individual butter domes are white and were purchased at Boston Store about 4 years ago.
My silver flatware is Oneida and the pattern was called alternatively "Spring Blossom" and "Morning Blossom". It has also been discontinued for some years.
Linens:  heirloom thread crochet tablecloth ( a vintage item purchased at an antique store). Dark red brocade napkins were purchased at Macy's many years ago, as were the oval Quaker Lace place mats.
I have folded the napkin in a fold called the "Fleur de Lis", which stands up with the aid of a silver napkin ring.

Today's Spotlight On: Christmas 2009

Here's some great pictures of my Christmas trees and other holiday decor!

My Victorian Tree

Misc Decor:

Christmas Tree #2

Outside Decor:

Food: Christmas Goodies!

The holidays don't seem like the holidays without lots of delicious treats! At least, that is my  personal opinion!
We always used to bake cookies at the holidays when I was a girl and I continue the tradition in my own home now that I am an adult. Not only are the cookies and other goodies great to enjoy for Erik and I, but I can always load up a pretty Christmas plate full of fudge and cookies to take to other parties, to my in-laws, or just about anywhere else. They make great little gifts to co-workers too; wrapped up prettily with a card. This year I made three kinds of fudge: regular chocolate, butterscotch peanut fudge, and white gumdrop fudge. For cookies, I made sugar cookie cut-outs w/ decorative icing (my favorite!), spritz cookies, peanut butter blossoms, Santa's Sugar cookies ( small round sugar cookies dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with crushed peppermint) and Santa's Whiskers cookies. I also made some oven-roasted sugar and cinnamon pecans and Hawaiian Turtles (white chocolate, macedamia nuts, caramel and dried pineapple)--yum!

White gumdrop fudge---very quick and easy to make and delicious!

I found these cute Christmas-y boxes for $1.99 and filled them with cookies for co-worker gifts. A ribbon and a hand-stamped card made by me added just the right personal touch!

I also made loaves of blueberry orange bread for co-worker gifts. I wrapped the loaves in parchment paper and cellophane, and added ribbon and a tag printed on my computer. (I got this idea from Martha Stewart!)


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Craziness!

So, looking back on my last posts, I haven't put anything up lately, which doesn't surprise me, since it has been a crazy last couple of months!

I haven't even changed the pictures on the side; they still show fall and harvest-type scenes!  However, now that I will have about five minutes to myself this coming evening, I will be surely updating my blog with some cute stuff!

See you soon!