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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tablescape Thursday: Easter Table

Once again, it's that time of week....Tablescape Thursday!!! I'm always excited to post a new tablescape; especially since I didn't have one last week and I was feeling forlorn! :-(   (Just kidding!)

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I decided to do an Easter table away from the usual pastel colors and I'm really happy with how it turned out!

We're having an Easter brunch today.....

I really like the color palette of yellow and green with touches of brown. The green and brown make me think of spring; when the brown earth begins to sprout new greens in a verdant renewal.

I've used my Ralph Lauren pale yellow flowered table runner that I bought at TJ Maxx. I used it in my last tablescape HERE.

A look at the cover: Light green round quilted placemats and my green dishes.I've also used the salad plates from my casual dinnerware, "Emma" from Pottery Barn. I've also added my Noritake fine china coffee cups and saucers for a little bit of flowery color.

I love the pretty flourishes on the green plates and the small bead design, which is echoed in the "hobnail"-style edge on the salad plate.

I used a napkin fold called the "Double Fan", which uses two napkins. The green one on the inside is actually a paper napkin. Normally the Double Fan would be placed inside a glass, but I decided to tie them with a bit of chocolate brown grosgrain ribbon, which looks lovely with the molded chocolate bunny I've put on each plate.
I bought four of these chocolate bunnies at the Dollar Tree; I have a Peter Cottontail, Flopsy and Mopsy (well, two Mopsies).

I was surprised to realize that these patterned cloth napkins I bought awhile ago are April Cornell. I had no idea ! I love her stuff! Click HERE to visit her website and view all her beautiful linens!

We certainly need to have coffee with our brunch, so I have put my vintage silver coffee pot, sugar bowl and creamer on the table.
We will also need champagne flutes for mimosas! (and yes, I just noticed that I didn't dry these really well after the last wash! They are very spotty! eeek!)
These pretty little wine glasses will serve well for water.

These wine glasses go with this cute vintage decanter on a fun stand. A friend gave this to me as a gift.

Appropriately, I will use my Oneida flatware, "Morning Blossom".
What Easter table would be complete without Peeps? :-)  In going with the color scheme, I have chocolate mousse flavored brown Peeps in a fancy silver sauce boat.

And here's the centerpiece I made using the $4 mossy basket I bought from the charity booth at a local antique store. I added some more moss (from Dollar Tree), some green-speckled eggs, a green ribbon bow (leftover ribbon from my wedding bouquets) and a resin "chocolate" bunny that I bought some years ago.

I put the centerpiece on this pedestal plate that my mother-in-law gave to me. She glued a crystal candlestick onto the bottom of a vintage pale yellow plate!

Isn't he just too cute?

Other fun details on the table: A bunny and egg salt and pepper shaker.
A little wooden Easter egg basket filled with spring flowers (faux) and an egg tucked inside.
These styrofoam eggs we made in Stamp Club a few years ago. We decorated colored tissue paper with stamps and glitter glue, then used Modge Podge to decoupage the tissue paper onto foam eggs.We then punched out flowers using various sizes of flower-shaped punches and added some ribbon.

Green taper candles in a small silver candlestick.
These candlesticks even have a small bead design, to match the plates! I bought these holders at Michael's for $2.99. I bought them in 2007 for our wedding ceremony, to hold taper candles for the Unity Candle Lighting part of the ceremony.

Brunch just isn't brunch unless I can make my Bacon & Egg Brunch Casserole! Inside this pretty silver plate server is an oven-safe glass pan, so after baking the casserole, I can just place the pan in the server and it looks so elegant. This silver server I bought in 1996.

Now, even though this is an Easter brunch, we still have to have some candlelight pictures!

Green bubble glass candle dish.

These votive holders are green glass with white sparkly applique on them; I bought 8 of these at Micheal's a few years ago (again, I had bought these for my 2007 wedding. We put them around our wedding cake on the cake table; it was oh-so-gorgeous!)

Thanks for stopping by!

Items from this tablescape that were purchased at the Dollar Tree:
                            green paper napkins,
                           solid chocolate Beatrix Potter bunnies,
                           green bubble glass candle dishes
                           moss filler for the basket centerpiece.
                           chocolate Peeps bunnies

                           Cloth napkins: April Cornell
                           Green place mats, green dishes, Ralph Lauren table runner: TJ Maxx
                           Coffee cups and saucers: Noritake "Knottinghill". 1995
                           Salad plates: Pottery Barn, "Emma"
                           Flatware: Onieda, "Morning Blossom"
                           Candlesticks: Michael's
                           Champagne Flutes: Luigi Bormioli "Michelangelo" Boston Store 1995

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday: Summer S'mores

Outdoor Wednesday logo

It's almost time for Outdoor Wednesday, hosted by A Southern Daydreamer!

I thought I'd share a couple pictures I took this last summer at my sister's house. She and my brother-in-law made a fire in their backyard fire pit and we made s'mores. My niece and nephews loved it!

My brother-in-law toasting some marshmallows!

My sisters, brother and my Dad.

My nephew C wanted to swing instead of eat!

My other nephew C preferred to munch on an apple.

My niece J made sure nobody else sat in her chair!

But then again, the blue chair is so much cooler and bigger! The kids really liked eating the marshmallows plain.

Except G....he was into the chocolate ( as evidenced by the fact that it was all over his face and clothes!)

I need s'more of those s'mores!

I can't wait until we can be outside again doing all these fun things!
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 29, 2010

This and That....Easter Approach-eth

I thought I'd use some spring-y, Easter colors for my blog...pink and yellow seemed to say "Easter" to me! It reminds me of the marshmallow Peeps; pink bunnies and yellow chicks!

I love Peeps. I find that people have very strong reactions/feelings about Peeps; they either hate them or love them!

As a testament to my Peep-love, here I will share a picture of my little stuffed Peeps! I've had these pretty much forever; my sister found the purple chick and yellow bunny at a rummage sale. The large pink bunny is actually a really squooshy neck pillow. (I only put them on my bed at Easter time--sadly, they aren't very Victorian!)

I have a lovely Easter tablescape I did this weekend for this week's Tablescape Thursday....there might be some Peeps involved, and some chocolate....

A sneak peek:

Are you a Peep lover or a Peep hater??  :-)
Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mosaic Monday: Easter Greetings

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Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to visit all the other great mosaics on Mosaic Monday, hosted by Mary and Little Red House!

Garden Goods: Garden Pretties

Erik and I scored some free tickets to a very large, annual Home & Garden Show in our area. We've gone to it every year for the last three years. (I confess that I used to go to it even before I had a house!).

Since it was the last day of the show, many of the booths that were selling decorative items had their prices marked down by 50%.
Erik calls the last run-through on the last day of a convention, towards the end of closing, the "Swag Run". He and his gamer friends always do a Swag Run at the end of a convention because they can often get great deals or marked down prices from vendors.

Here's a couple of things we bought on our "Swag Run".

These pretty butterflies made from painted feathers. They are mounted on alligator clips. I can think of about a billion projects I can use these for and I got them at 50% off ( they were less than $5.)

This is a metal garden stake made to look like a large globe Allium. It's quite tall. I can see this somewhere in my garden or in one of my various containers.

I also had to have this cute painted metal garden fairy. She's mounted on a spring, so she bounces up and down. A little bit of a breeze gets her going. She has pretty sparkly paint on her pink skirt and green bodice. I love her rosy cheeks. Right now she gets to hang out on some shelves with my containers that I have over-wintered. I usually bring in most of my garden decorations in the winter. Our winters are so harsh here.

I also bought this crystal glass flower pot sticker. I like to add these little whimsical touches to my pots or tucked into un-expected places to catch the sunlight and add a little sparkle to the garden.

Now if only we can get some spring weather to come around!!!

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