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Friday, March 5, 2010

This and That: Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Doing my happy dance because I found a couple of sweet deals when I returned to TJMaxx this weekend to see if they had any more of those lovely green dishes.

A Ralph Lauren table runner for $9. I love the yellow and green, which will look nice in my kitchen, or dining room table, and with my dishes.

For now it's on my dining room table, under my bird nest centerpiece. I don't mind putting a table runner over the top of a tablecloth. I like layering! I'll have to see how this runner works with my planned Easter tablescape.

And I found this set of Queen size bed sheets for $30, retails for $75! Couldn't resist! I lurve bedding.
I even like the name of this pattern; "Antionette"!

I'm not the kind of person who traditionally has "winter bedding" and "summer bedding", but I do like to have lots of extra sets of sheets. Above is a picture of our bed with our current bedding, which we bought in 2006. It's called "Wisteria" and is made by Croscill. Erik bought me the bedding for my birthday that year because I was in love with it and talked about it incessantly and it was a little pricey; plus I wanted all the matching pillows!!. We later bought another set of sheets that go with the set, so we have two sets of sheets that "match". I'm always on the lookout, however, for more sheets in similar colors. I have A.D.D about bedding; I'm constantly loving new sets and wanting to buy them (sort of like dishes and vintage linens!). Last year I decided that I would get another bedding set for summer--something in white, preferably vintage looking, and probably ruffly or lacy!. Dear Erik! He has no qualms about our foofy bed; it's a rare thing to find in a man!  I have not located a bed cover or duvet that I want yet, but I think these sheets might comprise part of my "summer" bedding. The set came with 2 pillowcases, and we have four pillows (plus 2 shams and 2 European shams), but I have vintage pillowcases that will work perfectly!

1 comment:

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

The runner and the bed linens are just beautiful! So pretty! My hubby does not mind all the frillies either. He always says that he does not care what I do to the house as long as he is not the one doing it! LOL!!