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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Crafty Things: Vintage Framed Ad as Bathroom Decor

Years and years I ago I bought this vintage ad for "Williams' Jersey Cream Toilet Soap". It came from a magazine called Munsey's Magazine, specifically, their May, 1898 edition. It only cost me a couple of dollars, but I thought it would be cute to frame and hang in my bathroom. I always enjoyed reading the ad and it always made me laugh, since the ad informed you that if your pharmacist "refused" to order it for you, it was available for purchase by mail, for 15 cents a cake.  For years it was in the plain blue frame, shown on the left. Recently I decided that it needed a make-over.

I love this edge punch I recently bought from Stampin' Up. It's so pretty! I decided to use it for my framed vintage ad make-over. I punched out long sections using white card stock.

I spray painted the frame with white Krylon paint. I did a light coat so that some of the blue would show through. Then I used some pretty scrapbook paper cut to size for the background and added the open lace edge along the sides, top and bottom of the ad. Then I put the frame back together and instead of hanging it on the wall next to the sink where it has been since we moved in, I propped it on a shelf on the wall in the bathroom next to some other things ( the black letters spell out RELAX, in case you are wondering!).

Very fun and easy to do and it makes my old 'Toilet Soap' ad really stand out now!
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Bella said...

I love old ephemera, it's great to get a glance at old outdated ideas :-)
You did an awesome job framing, I love the bright white & punched Boarder.
Hope your having a great weekend, Bella

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

What a great idea! I think it came out looking fantastic!!

Re:newing Home said...

cute! I have an old vintage toilet ad from 1923 up in my bathroom. Gotta love free personalized vintage decor!