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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Garden Goods: Garden Pretties

Erik and I scored some free tickets to a very large, annual Home & Garden Show in our area. We've gone to it every year for the last three years. (I confess that I used to go to it even before I had a house!).

Since it was the last day of the show, many of the booths that were selling decorative items had their prices marked down by 50%.
Erik calls the last run-through on the last day of a convention, towards the end of closing, the "Swag Run". He and his gamer friends always do a Swag Run at the end of a convention because they can often get great deals or marked down prices from vendors.

Here's a couple of things we bought on our "Swag Run".

These pretty butterflies made from painted feathers. They are mounted on alligator clips. I can think of about a billion projects I can use these for and I got them at 50% off ( they were less than $5.)

This is a metal garden stake made to look like a large globe Allium. It's quite tall. I can see this somewhere in my garden or in one of my various containers.

I also had to have this cute painted metal garden fairy. She's mounted on a spring, so she bounces up and down. A little bit of a breeze gets her going. She has pretty sparkly paint on her pink skirt and green bodice. I love her rosy cheeks. Right now she gets to hang out on some shelves with my containers that I have over-wintered. I usually bring in most of my garden decorations in the winter. Our winters are so harsh here.

I also bought this crystal glass flower pot sticker. I like to add these little whimsical touches to my pots or tucked into un-expected places to catch the sunlight and add a little sparkle to the garden.

Now if only we can get some spring weather to come around!!!

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Bella said...

That giant metal allium is gorgeous... I am garedn green with envy :-)

The Blackwood Cottage said...

I hope I remember this post when the next homeshow comes to St. Louis! Have a great weekend!