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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This and That: What Could This Be?

Hmmm.....this looks like an ordinary door.
But this door is hiding a dirty little secret........
Oh my....how embarrassing!! I can't even bring myself to photograph the entire thing. The untidy stacks of storage bins, bankers boxes....an actual pile of scrapbook paper....it's my craft closet. (Cue the music from the shower-stabbing-scene in the movie Psycho.)
There are a few shelves in this closet, which have some (sort of) neatly organized crafting items, but mostly this closet is horrible. My craft room/office/computer room is one of the bedrooms we don't use (we have five bedrooms) and like most Victorian homes, not all of the bedrooms are particularly large and neither are the closets. This closet is somewhat deep, and tall, but not wide.  Very soon I will be tackling this project to make a nice organized space in here for my stamping and crafting items. This was a project that was on my "to-do" list when we moved in three years ago, but many other projects got in the way first.

This is the inside of the door. Seriously....who does this??  All of the doors in the upstairs of our house have their original, beautiful decorative metal knob collars, key plates and hinges, but they were all painted over when someone re-painted the doors. Sloppily painted over I might add, as you can see here; they didn't even paint the whole thing and also got paint spots on the black glass knobs.Some of the doors downstairs have had the knobs replaced, but most of the original key plates are still there. I started the arduous task of removing the painted over hardware and soaking them in lye to get the paint off last summer. I have many many more to go.....ugh.
I find it interesting, however, that all the closets had a key plate and evidently, a key that could lock them. I wasn't aware that most people needed to lock their closets, but I suppose they had their reasons!

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Bella said...

LOL, I thought that sloppy painting was something special in my house. when my walls have been painted through the years, they got it ALL OVER the edges of the moldings. It's a crazy mess that I have lived with too long trying to decide if I want to paint or strip the woodwork. They are beautiful keyplates! Bella

Katie@LeBeauPaonVictorien said...

Same here! The windows in our house have decorative sash handles too; which have been painted over, of course! Much of the molding in our house has been painted over--poorly. We'd like to strip the paint on the staircase, but not sure if we want to deal with it.

The Victorian Parlor said...

Too funny about the closet:)! I love that you still have so much of the original hardware on the doors. I can't imagine why someone would paint over such beautiful details!