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Monday, July 7, 2008

Spotlight On: Painting Pt. 2

The Painting Continues!

Bottom part of the wall completed.

Here we see the top part of the wall being painted. We started by cutting in around all the trim using a 2 inch angled brush. After that, it was all about the roller, baby!
In the other pic we can see E happily (and I use the term lightly here) rolling away.

I tried to take the pictures in different lighting so that the color of the paint would appear as true as possible. I think these show the bottom color great, but the top looks very yellow-ish in the photos, but it is definitely not that yellow looking. It is a very light green (pretty much the same color as a ripe honeydew melon, which is actually the color name as well). We used Sherwin-Williams paint. Color on the bottom part of the wall is Great Green and on the top is Honeydew (of course!). Now, I just have to await the arrival of my stencils so I can start on that phase of the project!