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Monday, June 8, 2009

Today's Spotlight On: Flowers, Again!

I just had to spotlight some of my flowers, since they are all growing insanely right now!
Above: Virginia Bluebells
Below: Old-fashioned beeding hearts
Below: This is my sun garden, which has tripled in size in just a couple of weeks! I can hardly believe this was a new garden last year. My bee balm is almost chest high on me! I've never seen bee balm so tall before. The lilies in front are about ready to bloom.

Above: Hosta
Below: an updated pic of one of my containers. This was taken only a week or so ago, but already the plants are even fuller now than in this picture.
Ghost Fern

Below: My peonies bloomed early

Below: Viburnum "Snowball", bloomed at end of May . One of my favorite plants.

An open peony!

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