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Thursday, September 10, 2009

This and That...

I cannot believe it's September already! September tenth, to be exact! Where did the summer go?? It seems like it was hardly here at all.  What did I do with my summer? Apparently, nothing much....

I had a lot of plans for the summer; I was going to get a tan (maybe). I was going to ride my bicycle more often. I was going to make Erik jog with me so that I could work my way up to being one of those people who run  several miles every day and not feel like I was going to keel over and die after a mile.
But, I didn't get a tan because I never seemed to have the time to make the drive out to my mother's house to lay by the swimming pool and I refuse to lay out in the hot sun without a swimming pool nearby. Oh well, I don't really need a tan. I think white skin is coming back into fashion anyway. If freckles ever become the rage, I'll be all set there too.

The running thing started out well, but then I hurt my knee somehow in July, while cleaning the baseboards in the house. How stupid is that? I don't even really know what I did to cause the injury, but it's been 2 months and my knee is still messed up and sore.I think I severely strained or pulled a muscle or tendon. At any rate, I have not been able to work out like normal or run without making it worse, so I've been sort of "benched".

 As for the bicycle riding: during a bicycle ride with Erik in early July, my bicycle got a flat tire when we were 4 miles from home. Even though we had a bike pump, repair kit and extra inner tube with us, it was too severely damaged to repair the tire and we were being swarmed by mosquitos as well. The bicycle was acutally formerly Erik's so I know nothing about how to change the tires or fix anything on it. I've never owned a mountain bike, like this one. I had a ten speed Schwinn when I was a teenager, which incidentally, was the last bicycle I owned. Erik said he would get a new tire for it and fix it, but weeks and weeks passed without it being fixed, so the last two months of summer passed without me being able to ride the thing as planned. He just fixed it this last weekend, so hopefully we will still have some nice fall weather this year, so I can ride it some more before winter. I think my injured knee will handle it okay, more so than running.

 As for the rest of summer: Well, my youngest sister had foot surgery because she dislocated all the bones in her right foot after stepping in a hole in her yard and then tripping and falling over a drainpipe. She can't drive or walk or put weight on her foot for 12 weeks, or work either (she's a nurse). Being a mother to young children, two young active boys to be exact, she has needed help at home during the week when her husband is at work, which means that my days off (Fridays) I have been at her house all day, which I suppose might be why it seems like I haven't had time to do anything at my own house! I am happy to help her though, of course; but that extra day to do things sure is helpful to me, and I am surely missing it.

And of course, as usual, the recession and poor economy surely has not helped make it a wonderful summer for most people, including us. Many of the summer activities we usually do have been curtailed for money reasons. Any extra money we managed to have was used for some necessary car repairs, some of them expected and some of them un-expected, as is usually the case when it comes to cars. Some of it also went to vet bills for my cat, Baby. He has been doing well on his new medicine, but it certainly wasn't easy the last 3 months trying to figure out what was wrong with him and trying to get a treatment regimen that worked for him. Erik's work is expecting to pick up again in the next couple of months, so we are hoping he may be getting back some of his usual overtime, which will be very helpful. We'd like to go back to Door County again, like we did for our first anniversary, and hopefully this next year will be better for us, budget-wise, and we can plan for  fun activities next summer!

I just still can't believe it's fall already.......!

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