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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Little Bit of Spring.......

So sorry for the dearth of posts in the last week here; I actually ran out of space for pictures for my blog, so I have some fixing to do!
We also were quite busy with some other necessary things this week; yard work, taxes...all that horrid stuff called "real life" that intrudes on my blogging time!
We also were meeting with some landscapers to discuss the possibility of putting in a patio this summer in our back yard. Unfortunately we learned that our entire back yard needs to be graded first and that to do things the right way, we should have the retaining wall and fence replaced at the same time that the yard is graded. The retaining wall and fence was planned for spring of 2012, so it looks like the patio will have to wait until next year now.
I'm all for trying to do things the 'right way'. I've learned from past mistakes (especially when it comes to big projects like this) that I should listen to the experts on things like this, even if it means I have to wait another year to have my patio.

In the meantime; we finally had a day when the temperature reached 50 degrees and the sun actually came out for a few hours. I used the time to start some spring cleaning in my flower gardens and inspect my perennials.
I also added a few spring decorations indoors to give my house a feeling of spring!

Some pillows with a green leafy pattern add a welcome spring feel to the living room.

A pretty green and white tassel with a white bird hangs on the china cabinet doors in the dining room. I bought this lovely tassel a year or so ago from Melanie at The Old White Cottage from her Etsy store.

I added some flowers and a bird to this twig and faux moss birdhouse which is sitting on the entry hall fireplace. Later I tucked a couple of faux bird eggs inside.

A sweet silver snail on a leaf ! ( Ugh, look at the spots where one of the previous owners spilled paint thinner on the mantel! Not a great picture!)

Of course, this is what it looked like outside on the day I took these pictures. Fortunately, it all melted the next day.

Olive wasn't too thrilled with the cloudy day; lying on her window perch without the sun slanting in is just not as fun.

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Heather said...

Hi Katie! As always, I love it all! How did you fix your blog problem? I've heard of that happening, and would like to know what to do when that happens to me!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Beautiful things, Katie!!

Love those pillows!!