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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Different Shade

No, I'm not saying that white is a different shade, I mean literally a roller shade! Who knew they could be so pretty?? I meant to post this awhile back, but forgot. The previous owners of our house had a sad and pathetic attraction to cheap horizontal blinds; the kind that are made of some kind of thin aluminum, painted some color and get so dusty you want to just rip them off the window and throw them away. Well, at least, that's my feeling towards those kind of blinds. Of course, they had some cheapie white ones on the window in our bathroom, which I ripped down right away. Since the glass in the window is frosted, you might wonder what's the need for curtains or blinds at all? Well, I hate to see a naked window. It just affronts my sense of right in the world.
I added a nice, crisp white valance with a textured pattern that almost exactly matches the white Crate & Barrel shower curtain. But something was still missing.
Then I came across fabric roller shades at Country Curtains. I loved this white cutwork lace shade which I have nicely pictured here. It comes in ecru also. You can set them up with the cord or without.

I even bought this cute silver pineapple shade pull. Techincally, I don't need a shade pull, since I set mine up to use the pull cord to raise and lower, but I liked the addition of the shade pull. A pineapple is a traditional symbol of hospitality.

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MrsReaux said...

That is just perfect for that window!