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Monday, January 18, 2010

This and That: Let's Dish!

I've often wondered where that expression came from.."let's dish" (meaning; let's chat).....I guess that will be something I'll have to look up one of these days!

Just thought I'd make a quick post with a picture of one of the new dishes I recently acquired thanks to my mother-in-law: She found four smaller dishes just like it, and one larger one. She made the larger dish into a raised pedestal by gluing the dish onto a crystal candlestick! It's darling! I can't wait to use these dishes in one of my Tablescape Thursday posts!

I haven't yet inspected the backs of the plates for any kind of maker's mark, but I love the creamy yellow color and of course, I love birds and flowers! It's a very colorful bird; perhaps meant to be a peacock? Or a macaw? If I find out the pattern name, maybe the answer will be in the name! If anyone else recognizes it, let me know!

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