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Friday, July 23, 2010

Where I Blog

So this is a room that is never included on the "house tour" when people come to Le Beau Paon for the first time. This is where I blog and do all other manner of computer-ish things. (This also happens to be my new computer! wOot-wOOt!!!). This is my end of the desk. Our desk is sort of L shaped and tucked into a corner of our office, which is a bedroom that we decided was not going to be a bedroom. Erik sits at the other end of the L and in between us is a small area where the printer sits and where I have just enough space to write out checks and go through mail. There is also a large black metal filing cabinet at Erik's end, with a mail basket on top for all that pesky mail that we get. In addition to the desk and computers and filing cabinet, there is also a very small craft table that is behind me against the wall, next to my very messy craft closet. The craft table is also sort of a mess right now.

This is why I usually have no photos of this room or show it when I give the "house tour". It is the most un-Victorian looking room ever.

I don't think we could make it any less Victorian if we tried! LOL. There are three windows in this room, so it gets a fair amount of light, but the icky old cheap blinds that the previous owners were obsessed with and put on every single window in this house, are still up. There is also a really hideous ceiling fan on the ceiling. And vanilla beige wall to wall carpeting. Have I ever shared with you all my loathing of carpeting?? If not, then let me tell you again......I really, really hate carpeting.
My favorite part of this room is the teeny window that sits just behind my computer, almost in the corner. It has about a jillion layers of old paint on it (as you can see) so there's no way I will ever be able to get it open; in fact, I'm not even sure it was ever meant to open. Along the top and bottom of this window is a row of colored glass squares. This window is on the front of the house, so when I have the lights on up here and you stand down on the sidewalk, you can see the light shining prettily through the colored glass.
(You might also wonder what in the world I have on the window stool; the item on the left is my Hitler skunk; a bizarre painted figure that was apparently a popular souvenir during World War II, which was given to me by my grandfather, a WWII veteran. The other item is from when I was in dental assisting school and we had to make dozens of models for Dental Materials class. This was the only one I kept! You may have now guessed that what I do for a real job is that I work in a dental office as a dental assistant.)
Somehow our office has become a catch-all place for weird items that don't fit anywhere else in the house (decor-wise) but which I just don't want to give up. Like my pink polka-dotted dog, which I got free from Victoria's Secret for buying a truckload of panties. He's just so cute!
......And my framed movie posters. The Amadeus movie poster I have had since I was 16. It is one of my favorite movies. A video store in the town I grew up in (this was pre-Blockbuster and pre-Hollywood Video, back when there used to be independent video rental stores) used to sell the movie posters they got for display once they no longer needed them for display in the store. They sold them for $2 a piece and I snapped up this one. It hung in my room at home until I moved out and has been with me ever since. The Sleepy Hollow poster I got on eBay, because it's autographed by the cast members, (Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Christopher Walken, Michael Gambon and Miranda Richardson) and also Tim Burton, the director. Why do I have it? Well, I have been totally in love with Johnny Depp since I first saw him on 21 Jump Street back in the 1980s, I love Tim Burton's films, and I love the story of Sleepy Hollow, even though this movie version is quite different than the book.

Someday soon this room will get a make-over.....we have 5 bedrooms in this house and one of the rooms that has been sitting empty since we bought the house is slated to be turned into a "man cave" for my hubby; a place for his computer and bookshelves for all the billions of books we own. A couple of comfy chairs for reading; maybe a TV. We don't know how exactly we are going to decorate the man cave yet, but after that room is done, this room will be made into an office and craft room, but with a little more "girly" and Victorian look to it!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Centsational Girl said...

Hi Katie ! Thanks so much for linking up to the party ! I love when people create spaces that are personal to them, bravo for surrounding yourself with the things you love.