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Monday, August 9, 2010

I Was a Winner!

Back in May, I was the excited winner of a giveaway from the wonderful Martha at Lines from Linderhof.

I received my lovely and wonderful prize in early July, but I didn't post about it right away (mostly because I was reading the book and then my husband was reading it too!)

So, here it is finally;

I won this delightful book, Betty Crocker's Kitchen Gardens: A Year 'Round Guide to Growing and Using Herbs and Vegetables.

This vintage book, published in 1971, was written by Mary Mason Campbell.

This wonderful  little book is a treasure trove of information and suggestions, including how to plan, plant and care for your kitchen garden, how to capture herbs and vegetables at their peak flavor, and how to store, freeze or dry your herbs for year 'round use, as well as how to start seeds indoors, transplant, compost, and also companion plants for your kitchen garden. There are also sweet illustrations, quotes and other interesting information about the history of kitchen gardens, and the various uses of herbs throughout time.
I love that the previous owner of this book left me lots of little notes all over the book! It's obvious the person who owned it also got a lot of use out of it!
"What signifies knowing the Names, if you know not the Natures of Things?" --Poor Richard's Almanack

I'm so thrilled that I won this lovely book! Thanks again to Martha at Lines from Linderhof for choosing this book as her giveaway!

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Mariette said...

Dearest Katie,

Great gift and wonderful that you did enjoy reading it first before putting it in your blog; more valuable!

Sunny greetings from Georgia,


Bella said...

Hi Katie... That looks like a great book, it's always good to learn more tricks to a productive veggie patch:-)