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Monday, August 16, 2010

Meet Olive

Today we brought home a new kitty to join our cat family. Her name is Olive. She's a 1 yr old female tortoiseshell. We adopted her from the Humane Animal Welfare Soceity.
She was having such fun playing with the rug on the bathroom floor. Her previous owners named her Mocha, but we decided to give her our own name. I think she looks like an Olive.  Her arrival is coming at a good time for us; we lost our two oldest cats last fall ( both to cancer) and we recently received news from our vet that my sweet Tia, who is 14 yrs old, has epithelial carcinoma, which has metastasized to many of her organs and she doesn't have much time left with us. Although Olive is not meant to replace my Tia ( nor could she), I think her arrival will bring some much needed joy into our house and will remind me that there will be more cats to love in my lifetime and no matter how hard it is to say good-bye to an adored and beloved pet, the time we have with them is worth it, and there are others that need our love just as much.


Bella said...

Hi Katie... Olive is a beauty :-) I am so sorry your sweet Tia is sick... I have been down that road twice lately and know how hard it is! Olive will bring joy and youth into the house, and fill everyone with smiles... enjoy them both!

Mariette said...

Dearest Katie,

Congratulations with your new baby! She is a lucky feline for having found you both! Never can the one replace the other; they are as unique as humans. Also the same tragedies and diseases will get them... Nothing we can do about it and it is hard; awfully hard to let go. At least you had them a long time! We lost my favorite of all time, one that we rescued from the botanical garden at the Hyatt hotel in Acapulco, after waiting for one year, hoping she would still be alive. Got her to a vet for all the shots, lived through quite an adventure and brought her home on the plane with us. Surprise; she turned out to be pregnant. Spicy, as my husband called this feisty Asian cat, was such a beauty with so much sophistication like she always had lived with us. But one Sunday, coming back from Church on November 04, 2007 she had disappeared. We never found a trace of her and my feeling is that she got kidnapped. We still have all five of her babies... and am searching for her even after all these years. We drove six hours for one that looked almost exactly like her but no she was twice the size. That trip we did bring home another one from the Humane Society... now we have seven. One we had from the Humane Society. LOVE them all to death. Wish that the mama-cat would return... oh how much I wanted to give her a life! She had three kittens the year before we brought her home, that's the reason we couldn't take her then. Kittens too young for the vaccinations.


Greetings from Georgia,


MrsReaux said...

what a cutie pie - and Olive suits her better than Mocha

The Blackwood Cottage said...

Great floor tile! The kitty...so sweet and did I mention, great floor tile!

tracy mooney said...

Katie, sorry to hear about your cat Tia. We have a cat named Sophie that looks exactly like Olive she is my favorite. She was a stray that showed up at my work, I have had her for 14yrs, we have 5 other cats which all of them were strays. I think it is great you adopted her, she is a pretty little cat.

Amy said...

OH SHE IS PURRFECT and I love her new name. I had tortoise shells growing up so I always hold a special place for them. Pepper was my baby and she lived to be 19. So long live Olive in her new home.

Eastlake Victorian said...


So sorry to hear that Tia is so ill, and that your other kitties dies recently. I think Olive is a very lucky kitty to have such a nice new home and cat-loving owners. She is beautiful! She looks a little bit like my Penny. :-)