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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crafty Things: Hand-Crocheted Baby Afghan #2

At long last I have finally finished the second of two baby afghans that were on my project list. The first one I was working on over the winter was for my nephew B, who was born in January. I managed to finish it in time to give it to him as a baptism gift in February. Click HERE to view B's afghan.

And because my step-sister was also pregnant at the same time as my sister (but not due until April), I started working on another in late February in hopes that I would have it finished in May for the planned baptism. Well, my niece N didn't want to wait until April; she arrived in March. The bapstism was moved up to April and I was not finished with the afghan. Nor was I finished with it in May. Or June. Or even early July when my step-sister and her husband came down from Minnesota for a visit!

But finally, I managed to finish it.....so here it is:

The pattern was called "Granny's Love", because it's made up of granny squares whipstitched into strips, then the strips are whipstitched together, and finished off with a pretty lacy border.
Granny squares are easy to make and actually go very quickly; there's no reason it should have taken me so long to finish it. I actually had it about half way done by April, but then with spring and a million other projects going on and the busy days of summer and yard work and everything else, time got away from me and I didn't work on it for almost two months! Very bad of me, I know.
But I guess my niece N won't mind; she doesn't need an afghan in summer, am I right??
I also bought her an outfit.....Girls clothes are so cute, aren't they? It's more fun to shop for my nieces than my nephews. Unfortunately, until N came along in March, I had only one niece amongst FIVE nephews!

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Mariette said...

Dearest Katie,

You are quite an artist and I'm impressed with your ability to perform this 'Old World' crocheting... Certainly the afghan was not a necessity for summer.
The other statement you made about the shopping for nieces versus nephews. It is HARD to shop for nephews or baby-boys as the assortment of baby-girl clothes outnumbers the baby-boys by at least 100%. That starts early doesn't it? A clever commercial invention...

Greetings from Georgia/USA


{ L } said...

OMGness, your loved ones are lucky. <3 That is lovely. That takes a lot of talent and I so admire it. Just beautiful. :)

Tina Dalgren said...

Yes. My 2 monsters are among her FIVE!!! (LOL) nephews. But she still finds a way to spoil them rotten. And her carefully made afghans are stored away in my hope chest, along with the afghan our Grandmother made for me. (Each grandchild got an afghan) It's wonderful that she carried on the tradition!! And yes. WE ARE VERY LUCKY!