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Friday, October 8, 2010

Show & Tell Friday: Pictures for the Guest Room

As usual, I'm late getting my post in for Show and Tell Friday.....but better late than never!
I've been trying to do both Halloween decorating and projects and putting together a fall tablescape for next week's Tablescape Thursday, in between other house chores this morning; and in a couple of hours I have to run off to the airport to pick up my brother who is flying in from Los Angeles for a couple of days, so I'm a little crazed today!  So much for relaxing on my day off! 

My father and stepmother have lately been redecorating their house here in Wisconsin (they have another house in Florida). They sort of were forced to re-decorate; last autumn when they left for Florida, their house flooded. Apparently there was a problem with the water system that heats their floors ( they have radiant heat and all the tile floors in the house are heated by water that runs through copper pipes beneath the floors). One of the pipes in the wall burst and flooded their house. They had about three feet of water on the first floor of the house; which ruined all the floors, furniture, carpeting, the walls and wainscoting and also collapsed the ceiling in the finished basement, ruined the TV down there as well as their leather furniture and anything that was on the walls. It was not a pretty sight. Luckily, their beautiful oak bar and the cabinets for the bar area in the basement were salvagable and just had to be re-finished.

Anyway, it took months and months for everything to be fixed. They weren't able to get back into the house until May. My stepmother used the opportunity to re-decorate and start getting rid of things that they no longer wanted or didn't fit in with their new decor. She let us kids look through all the stuff and pick anything we might want.

I found two pictures that I really liked and thought they'd be perfect for our guest room.

 This one I thought was very interesting. I think I might stain the frame to a slightly darker shade.
 I also really liked this one, because of the colors, which match perfectly and also I thought the birds were pretty.

 Here's a close up of the smaller picture. It appears to have been made using ribbon or colored rice paper. There's nothing on the back of the picture and I'm not sure when my Dad got this or where. He traveled several times to Japan on business in the 1990s and was also stationed for a short time in Okinawa when he was in the Marines during the Vietnam War.
 The larger picture, with the birds, had this taped on the back.
 That's my mom's handwriting and the label taped on the back was probably done by the gallery where they bought it in Kyoto. My parents went to Japan in 1982 (they divorced in 1985) and bought this picture as a gift for my father's mother. My Grandma K passed away in 2008 and apparently it came back to him.
This is the color scheme of the guest bedroom (which we usually call the East Bedroom); so I think they will look nice in here. (And, as you can see, Olive was kindly enough to be my cat model in the photo. She's such a ham.)

Thanks for stopping by!
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Anita said...

Those are just beautiful, and I"m sure they will look great in that room! How horrible for your dad and stepmom! My goodness, that must have been so difficult. Enjoy your brother, and I can't wait to see next week's table!! Have a great weekend!

Alba Linea said...

ooooh this cute cat! i think she loves the bed very much. best wishes and a very nice weekend!

xinex said...

Your pictures are just beautiful. I like the whole bedroom because it is very warm and looks very comfy...Christine

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

The pictures are gorgeous and I am sure they will look wonderful in your room. Great color. Hugs, Marty

Mariette said...

Dearest Katie,

What a fate your Mom and Stepfather went through with their home! Hate to read that... Hope that they got through all the cleaning and redoing and that they're pleased with the end results.
You obviously did pick up some great pieces for Olive's room! He fully agrees with it, that shows.

Have a great weekend and it was great to learn about your Dad's service to this great nation. Makes us feel proud of him and all others that did put their lives at risk for the freedom in the world. Regardless of how the liberal media those sacrifices often does interpret. You come from a fine line of people with pride and high morals!!!


Mariette said...

Dearest Katie,

Sorry but of course I meant your stepmother and your Dad!

Just showed your blog to my husband...

Sunny greetings from Georgia,


FrenchGardenHouse said...

I love the picture, and how now it's happy in your home.:) thanks so much for visiting me. xo Lidy