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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This & That: Halloween Decor; Coffin Coffee Table Project Part 2

Well,I finished the coffin coffee table and retained my sanity. 
Below is a picture that I took as I was beginning to add the 'skirt'.

 To see the first part of this project, click HERE.

I had some difficulty with the skirt; I wanted the box pleats on the corners to be just so and I was having trouble with them. Once the skirt was on, it was time to glue some black grosgrain ribbon to cover the edge.

And here's the finished table, with the 'mourning wreath' that I made on top. I was mad that I got a few spots of hot glue on top of the table, which I have to try and scrape off.

The spooky candles that I placed in the middle of the wreath.

And here's a picture of the table at night with the candles lit.

It turned out pretty well, I think! The hardest part was cutting the long narrow piece for the skirt; I had to do it on the floor of the parlor (with Olive pouncing on it at every chance she got!)

I also finished completeing the Halloween decor on the parlor fireplace mantel.
A trail of plastic spiders meander up the side of the fireplace.


I had a curly willow branch in my craft closet (saved from a flower arrangement I received ages ago!). I added it to my spooky mantel vignette along with a black crow window cling (which work well on mirrors and picture frames as well as windows!)

As usual, Olive was nearby, checking out what "Mom" was doing.

She became bored watching me take photos and decided to see what was hanging from the dimmer switch knob. (It's a bird tassel)

The bird tassel was too intriguing to pass up and required an attempt to play. The chair rail was a handy place to put a steadying paw.

When "Mom" scolded her, she lost interest and then thought she might try and climb onto the mantel. "Hmmm...I've never climbed up here before!"

The climb proved to be too much trouble,(for the moment), so she opted to lay on the chair.

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1 comment:

Mariette said...

Dearest Katie,

Wow, your Olive is quite a supervisor and a naughty girl at once! Aren't they funny the way they observe every bitty detail we change in 'their' home. Yes, they live there and do tolerate us as well... But scolding does help, they know exactly which toys are Mom's and which are theirs... But cats are very inquisitive so they will not quit doing that.

Loved to read this as my bedtime story. Great coffin-coffee table and all the rest is just 'purrfect' in Olive's terms!

Have a great week and love and sunny greetings from Georgia (Barty sits on my lap as I write this...)