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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Picture Hangers and Ceiling Medallion

One of the  biggest projects we did in our house so far was painting the formal parlor and also installing picture hanging molding (or a picture hanging rail). I purchased some picture hangers online from a website I had found called The Swan Company. I still had a few pictures that I wanted to hang, so I recently purchased a few more and they just arrived today.

This medallion came with a lovely gold and cream twisted cord.

I also bought several picture hanging hooks. Here's a close up of one of them.

Here are several photos of other pictures in the house that I hung. We don't have a picture hanging rail in the dining room, so these are hung using a traditional nail (they sell them both ways), with a decorative medallion and cord.

Here's a 'double hang'.

In the parlor where we have the picture hanging molding, this large print is hung using the traditional picture hook, with a decorative medallion and tassel.

A close up. On the back side of the medallion is a hook that looks like an S, if you were viewing it from the side. The top part of the S goes over the lip of the molding. The bottom part of the S is where the decorative cord is hung. The cord ends are attached to the back of the picture.
I'll be posting more picture when I get these new ones hung up.

We had also purchased this ceiling medallion to go around the light fixture in the parlor ceiling. It was plain white when I bought it and I tried two different finishes and also painting it, but I wasn't happy with the way it looked, so I re-did it....I think about three times in total! I finally just went with spray painting it with Krylon Vanilla and then using Gold Leaf Rub n' Buff on certain parts. I wanted it to look like old plaster that had some gold leaf still on it. I plan to re-paint the ceiling next year and I also want to do some stenciling on the ceiling. Erik hasn't put the light fixture back up yet becasuse he's going to shorten the chain for me. I'm not thrilled with the somewhat modern light fxture the previous owners put in here, but it will do for now. For some reason, however, the chain is really, really looooong and it hangs really low. A somewhat tall person, like Erik, who is 6'2", is almost in danger of bumping their head on it when walking under it. Considering that our ceilings are 10 and half feet, it looks very odd to be so low. Erik is going to strip and cut the wiring and shorten the chain before he re-attaches it and it will look much better, I'm sure.

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1 comment:

Mariette said...

Dearest Katie,

What a marvelous find you did with this company where you get the perfect picture hangers! The medaillons and the cords are incredible!
You're lucky, like I am... you have your Erik who seems to be a handyman, like my Pieter is! What would we do without them?!
Pieter often told me: 'you find and get it and I will put it up...'
That is a rare combination for being able to work as a team that way.
Your home looks incredible - already regardless the less perfect things that you mention. It will always be something to repair, to improve or to paint but as you did with the ceiling medaillon, with some intelligence you get it done. Nobody else would do it for you that way!

Have a great week and sending you sunshine from Georgia,