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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Decorating

It doesn't quite look like spring here yet (although I saw some of my early double tulips are poking out of the ground and, to my amazement, my bearded iris are already about 6 inches out of the ground), but I won't let that stop me from bringing out a little spring inside my house!

I was shopping at JoAnn's for some crafting supplies and saw this pretty wreath 40% off. It was too pretty to pass up and since I don't have a spring or Easter wreath for the front door at Le Beau Paon, I bought it. I did, of course, have to add a little something to it. I added the faux hydrangea and also made a ribbon bow.

I also had gone to my local Goodwill the same day, looking for a suitable jar for my cookie bouquet project and spotted a couple of things not on my list, but which I knew I could use.

I loved the bunny figure and he was only $1.99. I actually don't have a lot of Easter decorations and I think he will make a nice addition to my Easter table. The two deer figures are kind of dirty and I think they might have had plants in them or something. Once I clean them up I know I can do something cool with them for next Christmas and of course, the price was right ($1.00 for each one). The small oval crystal relish dish was also $1.99 and I can always use more relish dishes ( I only have one, actually!).

Mr. Bunny (or is it a Mrs? There's a pink bow on the neck...hmmmm) is currently sitting on the piano in the hall, next to my faux peony bouquet.

Hopefully my spring decorating will entice spring to actually get here soon!
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Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Love your cookies from the previous post!
What a beautiful wreath you have made! And you have found some wonderful treasures!!
No signs of Spring here yet and what signs we did have, can no longer be seen. Stop by to see why! LOL!!


Pam said...

Your bunny is very cute. And the wreath is quite springy. I really need to dig out my Easter stuff. Just have to get up the energy to climb up into the crawl space for it.

Ronna said...

Just joined as a follower. Love your stuff and look forward to future readings of you blog.

Richard Cottrell said...

I love the name of your blog, but then I was a Victorian in another life. I have a blog you might like. Thanks,Richard at My Old Historic House

Bead and Needle said...

Beautiful, as usual. Looks like you scored some great finds - LOVE the wreath! Happy Thursday, Katie! Tanya