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Friday, March 11, 2011

Olive Hopes to See A Bird

Poor Olive......she wants spring to get here as much as I do! Last summer a very brave goldfinch built a nest in the very thorny climbing rosebush outside this window. The bush was too thick for us to be able to see the nest or babies and by the time Olive joined our family last August, the babies had already fledged and the nest was empty. Lately, however, a sparrow has been investigating the nest and Olive was delighted to be able to watch the bird close-up (the sparrow didn't seem fazed by her looming on the other side of the window). Now she sits in this window several times a day in hopes of seeing a bird there.

She was so busy at another window, she missed seeing this guy on the squirrel feeder this morning. He was a little bit angry this morning because there was a rabbit eating the spilled corn on the ground.

And there were several birds eating the corn as well.

He sat on the garage roof and scolded.

And when that didn't work, he went into the tree where the birds were sitting and scolded until they went away. Can you see him in the tree? He's almost the same color as the branches!

My corn!

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Carol said...

Olive is wonderful! You can see by the picture how seriously she takes this watching business!

Pam said...

Olive looks very happy sitting there. Hope the new birds take over the nest for her.

Diane said...

Busy, busy squirrel! Olive really wanted to get out there!!! :O)

Amanda Bengtson said...

Is it not the most wonderful thing to have a kitty cat looking out the window. This always cheers me up come rain or come sun.

Bead and Needle said...

Olive and persistent squirrels...what a great post, Katie! Love the picture of Olive at the window...here's hoping spring like weather brings her more birds to her little tree. Happy Weekend - Tanya

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

What a nice corn feeder for the squirrels! I love feeding the squirrels along with the birds. Their antics are so amusing! And I hope sweet little Olive gets to see her fair share of birds this season. :-)