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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cat Life

It's easy to see that the cats in our house are pretty spoiled.........

One of Olive and Astrid's favorite activities is bird-watching.

They can spend hours here watching birds. And with the early spring and warm weather we've had, I can open the windows so there is also sound as well.

The window perch is also a great place to nap in the afternoon sun. Astrid loves to groom herself as well as the other cats.

Any open window in the house is THE place to be..............

The window perch looks down on the back yard, where the bird feeders, squirrel feeder and the bird bath are located.

The birds also often land on the rain gutter right outside the window, for great close up views...........

Even the front hall window, with a very un-interesting view of the driveway and street can be fun, especially if I'm right outside working in the flower beds.

This extra bedroom that we don't use has kind of become the "cat room". I brought this cat tree up from the basement recently and put it near the window. A friend of Erik's actually made this for him years and years ago. It has been a favorite of both Olive and Astrid's, so I finally brought it upstairs.
 You may notice it has a hand crocheted cozy on the top 'scoop'. (I made it, using leftover yarn!)

As I said......I bet nobody can tell how spoiled our cats are.................  ;-)

The scoop is a great place to look out the window, lounge and of course, nap.

The kitty condo is actually an ottoman. It has a hidey-hole that Astrid really likes.

 When she doesn't feel like napping in the hidey-hole, the top of the ottoman works just as well.

....or the couch in the parlour......

Olive will sleep just about anywhere.......usually in a very un-ladylike position!

E.B., being an elderly gent of 15 years old, isn't much interested in bird-watching. He really likes sleeping.

Although, playing with toys is still interesting for this old guy.

When the weather is warm, Astrid likes to sleep with her tummy on the cool hardwood floor. I call her "Super Cat" when she lays like this.

Pets can be such a joy to have in our lives!
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Bead and Needle said...

And spoiled they should be! They are so beautiful, Katie...I love the pictures of them birdwatching, always...

Dianne said...

You cats as well as your photos of them are beautiful! There's always something so mysterious about a cat's gaze isn't there? Dianne

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Beautiful kitty cats. I love the picture of the 2 in the window seat. i have a picture of my 2 like that ...the last picture I got of my sweet Pinky before he died unexpectly last month.

busanalayali said...

Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

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Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Oh my goodness...your babies are sooo cute!
Thanks for sharing them.