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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Everything's Coming Up Roses....

Well, maybe not everything!

But, one of my climber roses is blooming profusely!

Because this climber rose was already here when we bought the house, we have no idea what kind it is, but from looking at pictures of other climbers, we suspect it might be a "William Baffin". 

This climber was in sad shape when we first bought the house. I pruned it way back and it has grown very much in the last few years. I've been trying to tame it's unruly nature with difficulty. It has wicked-big thorns!

It usually doesn't bloom until June, but with the early spring, it too is starting much earlier this year. I normally will prune it after it blooms the first time and can usually get more blooms throughout the summer until fall.

A few days later and it's exploded.....................

In the "sun garden" by my back porch, my Asiatic lilies are blooming....I have red ones with orange in the middle! When I bought these lilies they were supposed to be all red ones, but I got an orange one by accident I guess.

My other climber rose has many buds on it, but hasn't bloomed yet. Here is a picture of it from last year:
I had to prune this one quite a bit also at the end of summer. This climber rose is also a "mystery rose". It has much smaller leaves than the other one and does not get rose hips like the other. The thorns are small, but very sharp. It has no discernible fragrance and judging by the massive base with multiple, thick canes, it has been here for a number of years.

The flowers on this climber are much smaller than the other and are very "full", with densely packed petals. When they first open, they are this pretty watermelon-pink color, but they seem to be a lighter pink color after they've been open for a few days. I have tried looking online for similar ones in an effort to learn the name of this climbing rose, but have not been successful yet. I think I might have to visit the library and look at some climbing rose books. This climber rose is even more vigorous than the other. 

In the larger picture above, from 2011, you can see some of the trellis that we added the year before, in 2010,which added another six feet for the rose to climb on, but this rose has already covered all of that trellis and is now sending mains and laterals well past the trellis. 

I think soon it will reach past our second-story bedroom windows. I think it means to take over the world!
This climber seems prone to get powdery mildew. Last year I had no issues, but this year, because of the early spring where we had warm days followed by very cool, damp nights, it has a bad case of it again. I've been spraying it with a fungicide, but I may not get as pretty of blooms this year.

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Pam said...

That is so pretty. And it's huge! I've never tried a climber before, but that photo from last year is enough to make me run out and get one!