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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today's Spotlight On: Container Gardens

I'm planning on doing more containers this spring and summer to place on the porch and in the back yard and also amongst my planted beds. 
Containers give great color to your yard and can create visual impact amongst other flowers or to dress up a walkway, patio, porch or seating area. Best of all, they can be moved around to suit your needs! 
I planted a couple of them last year myself, in addition to buying ready-planted hanging baskets from my favorite nursery for the porch. Some of my containers I over-wintered to use again this year. The flowers in the hanging baskets I did not save; but I saved the baskets so I can plant new flowers in them this year. Most people use annual flowers in their containers, but many perennials can be grown in containers also. 

Here's a picture I found of a really attractive container that I am going to try and duplicate this year.
The container "recipe" for this one includes coleus (Red Ruffles,pictured)  calibrachoa (Superbells series) and ivy (hedera helix). 
Calibrachoa is a small, fast-growing flower, similar to petunias and they bloom all season, making them a popular choice for containers. It makes a great filler, but is also commanding enough to stand alone too.

Some other great container annuals: annual phlox (phlox drummondii), lobelia, begonias,candytuft,verbena, dead nettle, licorice plant, sweet potato vine, lysimachia, angelonia,nemesia, sweet alyssum, euphorbia, lantana and flossflower.

I certainly have the gardening itch already! 

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