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Monday, March 16, 2009

Today's Spotlight On: Spring!

There hasn't been too much excitement going on here lately, so I haven't put much into my blog. E and I are just chugging along, as usual.

Spring in Wisconsin is fleeting and chameleon-like. You never quite know when it's going to get here and when it does, it seems to contiunally tiptoe close to you and then dance out of reach, like a mean-spirited child teasing a hungry dog with a bone. The weather changes abruptly and drastically. One day there's snow on the ground, the next day, it's 67 degrees and you have your windows in the car rolled down to catch the breeze and you find that the woolen pea coat you donned that morning before work is now roasting you alive.

But any true Wisconsin-ite knows that you can't predict our spring by any calendar; nor does a warm day guarantee that you will have a warm day the following day. You might be shoveling snow the next day or throwing an extra blanket on the bed that night as the temperature plummets back down to our average winter temperatures of 10 degrees.

Eventually, Spring in Wisconsin officially arrives at long last ;usually long after it's been fervently hoped and desperately looked for.
Usually we enjoy about a week or so of spring weather (if we're lucky) before the heat and humidity of summer muscles it's way in.

I'm looking out now for Spring....hoping it's just around the corner!

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