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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vintage Voice: Embroidered Linens

I have an addiction problem; I am not only addicted to all things Victorian and vintage, but I also have an addiction within an addiction. Specifically, I am speaking of table ware and linens. I cannot get enough of vintage linens and table/serve ware. I went into raptures over a silver mustard pot and a silver water ewer, I nearly peed my pants in excitement when I found a beautiful embroidered linen cover for a bread basket, to keep rolls and bread warm, and I have been looking for vintage embroidered pillowcases for ages. Preferably, I wanted lace-edged (either tatted or crocheted lace) pillowcases that said "His" and "Hers", but I wasn't going to turn down anything else that might tickle my fancy.

It has since occurred to me that because I know how to embroider (and enjoy doing it as well), I might just make my own embroidered pillowcases, and save myself the trouble. However, that didn't stop me from digging through piles of vintage linens obsessively whenever I would see them in antique shops and at flea markets. Occasionally, I would find some I liked, but usually the ones I liked were only a single pillowcase, with no mate. This would not do! Other times I would find pairs that I sort of liked, but they didn't have a lace edge, or I didn't like the pattern ( a frequent and oft-used motif was bells with ribbons, butterflies or a bonneted maiden) or they used too many bright colors (which was also popular at the time), so there would be  bright yellow,  dark blue, purple and pink. While the use of multiple colors was popular, it was not quite to my taste. I was hoping to find embroidery in plain white, ecru, or light blue (to match my bed linens).

At last! , today I was successful in finding vintage pillowcases that had a charming scalloped edge, trimmed in lace; the embroidery was done in light blue floss, and the pattern was simple yet beautiful : big, open roses!

And here is one of them, already washed, ironed and put on my bed! I am in love !

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