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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not Quite Christmas Yet !

Despite the fact that everywhere I go now there are Christmas decorations up and Christmas music playing in the stores, I have only just packed away all my Halloween stuff (except for my Spooky Town Halloween village, which is in the process of being dismantled for the season). I also will point out that it is still officially autumn, so I'm not quite ready to put away the fall decor.

Once my Halloween decorations are put away, there are a few things that I leave out until about December 1st, which is when I usually bring out the Christmas decor. For instance, in the picture below; I brought my funkins in from the front porch and then turned them around so the jack o' lantern faces are in the back, and put them on this chair, with a little bit of autumn berries garland. Perfect! Fall-ish looking without being too Halloween-y.

In this photo, I made a centerpiece for my dining room table, using my milk glass cake stand. The beaded pumpkin was in another room, sitting on top of a big tin that had black cats on it, but with Halloween over and the black cat tin put away, my beaded pumpkin has found a new place as a centerpiece. Some fall foliage picks that were used to decorate the mantle in the other room add a little something-something. I like to "recycle" my decorations; sometimes just moving something from one area to another, changing them slightly, makes a fresh look without having to buy more decorations.

And even though these aren't pictures of any autumnal decor, I couldn't help taking a couple pictures of the drawing room with the morning light, which really is my favorite time of day to look at this room. It's stunning to me every time!

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