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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hallowe'en Decor 2011, Part 2

A few days ago I posted some pictures of my Hallowe'en decorations (HERE), with a promise for more!

In the dining room, a skull sits inside a wreath of black roses and red flowers, as my centerpiece. A simple black and silver cobweb table runner and black candles in the silver candelabra make up the very simple decor. I left the table pretty empty because with the party we are hosting this weekend I will have this table filled with serving ware and food!

This picture below shows something new this year:

This was Erik's project. He really wanted to make this display in the stairwell.

Yes, there it is. Pretty scary. I'm not really into gory or super-spooky decorations, but Erik really wanted to have a giant spiderweb and a cocooned-body in the house, so I let him have his fun.

There is also a skeleton running up the stairs. Perhaps he's running from the mice cavorting on the steps?

In the hallway I have put up my scary fence with raven again.

These next pictures were taken with my NEW camera. Yes, you heard right! My birthday is this coming Friday and my birthday present from Erik was a new camera. (He gave it to me early because I was getting so mad at my old camera while trying to photograph my decorations!)
I'm still learning to how to use all the settings etc. but so far I'm loving it.
Here's a nice shot of the fireplace mantel in the front hall.

Even Martha is getting into the spirit of the season and will be masked for our party on Saturday:

You've probably seen pictures like these before; at first glance they look normal:

But as you walk past and look at it from a different direction:

People always get a kick out of this "portrait". In fact, it stays on this wall all year. You may have noticed it in other pictures I've posted occasionally of the front hallway. You may have thought it was just a regular portrait too. Most people do when they first walk in.
Usually they start to comment on it:
"That's a neat portrait. Are they relatives of yours?"
Then as they walk closer, and the angle changes, suddenly they say:
The reason it stays up all year is sort of a joke between Erik and I. When we closed on our house, it was the last day of September and we spent that weekend of October 1 and 2nd  moving in. For some reason, and I have no idea anymore why, I had stopped in at a party supply store that weekend and I saw that picture. I had always thought they were cool and I liked the big size, so I bought it. It was the first thing we hung on the wall in the house. There was already a picture hanger on the wall in that spot, so when I got home, I hung it up. I intended to take it down after Hallowe'en, but it just looked so perfect there so Erik said, "Let's just leave it there all the time. We can freak people out all year."

So, that's the story of the hologram portrait!

I also took a picture of some of the treat bags I made for the party. I like to send guests home with party favors:

Some of the treat bags have glittery witches.

Others look like pumpkins. (Small orange paper treat bags, green floral tape and a green pipe cleaner for the stem).

    Another whole basket of treat bags. These are just plain cellophane bags with scary tags that I made.

Most of the treat bags have an assortment of candy, but others, like this one, have two chocolate graham crackers, a marshmallow ghost, and a chocolate bar in them----for Hallowe'en S'mores! I got this idea from a wonderful blog called A Little Cuppa Tea. She had hers inside small canning jars, but I just used treat bags. If you haven't discovered her blog, I recommend checking it out!

I even made a little sign to let guests know they can take one!

And last, but not least, I wanted to show the Hallowe'en mirror that I made:

I wanted to place a standing mirror on top of the piano in the hall for guests so they can try on masquerade masks (we're having a Masque instead of a costume party).
I don't have any small standing mirrors and I really didn't want to spend too much money to buy one, so I decided to craft one especially for Hallowe'en!
I bought the mirror at Michael's in the glass-etching crafting section and then used various things from my stamping closet; stickers, embellishments and rub-on transfers to decorate the mirror and then placed it in a black wooden plate stand. Voila!  Problem solved!

I also completed another Hallowe'en craft project this week; I made two Hallowe'en collages for the wall. They turned out great, but I will feature them in their own post later this week!
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Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I LOVE the spider web but let me tell you that it would totally creep my oldest son out!! He hates spiders and webs!! LOL!
I think the portrait story is hysterical and i can only imagine people's faces when the portrait changes!! That is too funny!!
Everything looks great!! Your mantle looks fantastic!!


Pam said...

I love that cocooned body. Normally I don't do really ghoulish things, but that is cute. I like that Halloween smores idea. Very cute.

Mariette said...

Dearest Katie,

Have a lovely evening with Erik.
Love to you,


Anita said...

Hi Katie, thanks for stopping by!! I love your hall mantle and the photographs especially!! And the mice on the stairs are too cute!

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

What a clever mirror idea! As usual, your party decorations are so cute and delightfully creepy! Happy early Birthday... the camera takes great pics (as do you, of course!).

Hope the party is a scream!