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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Painting Project: Update

Well, I managed to complete the first phase of work that needed to be done in the East Bedroom (guest room). There is still a few things to do, but at least the painting part is done.
Here are some "after" pictures.

This lamp was the "inspiration" for the color scheme. I bought it for E, I believe at Pier 1 Imports, and then bought the bedding in similar colors as a birthday present when we were dating and still had our separate apartments.

I finally was able to hang my painted ceiling tiles! I got these free as samples 
and only had to pay shipping, which was about $7.50. I then bought some Krylon spray paint which is supposed to look like wood and spray painted them. I also added some gold detail with gold Rub n' Buff to highlight the raised areas. They turned out beautifully and have been sitting in a closet for over a year, waiting to be hung.

A picture in the daylight.  I removed the cheap crappy window trim, which we plan to replace with custom-made trim to match the trim in the rest of the upstairs. We also need to put the baseboard trim back on and also hang the closet doors. Eventually, I want to put a different bed in here and I will also be getting new window treatments at some point as well and probably a nice area rug.

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