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Sunday, April 12, 2009

House Project: Painting the East Bedroom

Since I'm going to be on vacation from work for a week, I thought I'd tackle a fairly simple project that I've been wanting to do for 2 years; paint the East Bedroom ( guest room)!
These are pictures I took of what the room looks like now.
The previous owners had done some things to this room; most notably, they removed all the wood trim around the windows and the door, put in a laminate floor and drywalled the walls (the rest of the house has plaster walls).  They also painted the room what it looks like now. It's a strange color combination, to be sure. The bottom part of the wall is turquoise, with a wavy purple stripe above it. The top part of the wall is a pale green. Throughout the room, they also painted squares and rectangles of purple and bright yellow which you can see in the picture. Presumably, this was done because they had large, brightly colored ceramic fish sculptures that were hung on the wall where the squares are. They were actually quite ugly and garish, truth be told. I don't know the exact purpose they had in mind for this room; it was unfurnished and empty when we first viewed the house. Possibly it was going to be used as a baby's room.

At any rate, I hated the colors on sight, but we decided to leave it 'as was' for awhile. There were many other house projects that took priority over this one, but now that I'm not working on anything else in particular and I have a week's vacation, I would like to get the room painted, at least, before the weather gets really nice and I'm busy with my flower gardens. 
We also want to replace the wood trim that was removed from around the windows and door. We don't know what happened to the original trim, but they replaced the window trim with some crappy cheap stuff that looks wrong and out of place. The door currently has no trim around it at all. The baseboards (original to the house) were removed when they did the floor, but for some reason, they never put the baseboards back on. At least we have those still.( We found them in the basement.) There was a closet also put in by them, which they never finished completely either (it has no doors). We plan to finish that as well.
So, Stay tuned for updates!!!

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