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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This and That

We're still waiting on some consistent nice weather here, but we've had a few nice days of sunshine and almost summer-like weather. It makes me anxious to be outside! This last weekend it rained and rained and kept on raining. I thought maybe it would be a repeat of the flash flooding we had last summer! It was very warm and sunny one day, then it dropped back down to 40 degrees the next day. Welcome to spring in Wisconsin!

I went to Madison, WI on Saturday evening to attend an open recital at the University Opera at UW Madison with my mother and one of my sisters. The featured singer was a handsome young opera tenor named Steven Ebel. His grandmother is a friend of my mother's. Despite the rain which made our drive very unpleasant and the wind and rain that made the 2 blocks we had to walk from where we parked a little annoying, we really enjoyed hearing him sing. He is very gifted and has a sensational voice. 

Other events coming up this week: E and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday and are going to see the New Zealand comedy folk-musical-parody duo, Flight of the Conchords, on Saturday this week at the Riverside Theatre with some friends. After noshing on some delicious pasta at a favorite restaurant in Milwaukee, Louisa's Trattoria, we are going to the 10pm show.
I also have plans Wednesday night to go to the movies with friends while E is busy with band practice. They are planning on doing some new band photos as well. E wanted me to take the photos, since I did the last ones, but I unfortunately had plans already. 
E is going to Chicago with one of his friends to see a concert on Friday night, so we have quite the busy week planned ahead!

I'm looking forward to some nicer weather and hoping to get some new pictures of my flower gardens. Most everything is coming up nicely, but I don't know yet if I've "lost" any of my plants over the winter. Some types break dormancy late, so it's early yet to tell with some! I've already started planting a couple of containers, so I will get pictures of those soon as well.

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