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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crafty Things: Easy Halloween Projects Part II

Yesterday I posted about a couple of simple Halloween decor projects that don't take much time and don't cost a lot of money. Click HERE if you missed that post.

Today I thought I'd show a few more things I've made or done for Halloween decor.

I made this 'scary fence' on a large wall in the front entry hall using a roll of black crepe paper that I bought at a party store for about 79 cents. I cut lengths for each of the 'posts' and then cut the ends in a point and stuck them on the wall using some removable sticky dots. I made some of them crooked to make the 'fence' look like an old scary fence you'd find at a haunted house. Another length of streamer across the top makes the railing. Some silk fall leaves were added to look like a few leaves had been 'caught' in the fence. The raven perched on the fence I drew myself. I drew it on plain drawing paper and then traced that on black card stock and cut it out.
 This idea was not one of my own; I saw it in a Martha Stewart magazine a few years ago. The template for the raven used to be available on her website, but I didn't use it and just drew it free hand. This was super easy and cost virtually nothing; I only had to buy the roll of black crepe paper; the leaves and black card stock I already had!

Silhouette art was very popular during the 18th century. In America it was most popular  from about 1790 to 1840. Silhouette portaits,which were done in profile, were done by special artists. Before the advent of photography, silhouette portraits were the cheapest way to record a person's appearance. There are still artists today who do silhouette art.
 I made a few silhouettes myself to go with my Halloween decor, which might seem a little bizarre, but for some reason I think they work well. Above I have one that I displayed on the mantel last year. The silhouette I drew myself freehand on black card stock, and after cutting it out, mounted it on a piece of light green repousse' card stock, which was actually leftover paper from when I made my wedding invitations in 2007! I found an old frame in a junk shop for $1.00 and spray painted it black, then rubbed some gold Rub n' Buff on it in to highlight a decorative dentil edging on the frame. The total cost for this project was the $1.00 I spent on the frame. The rest of the materials were leftovers from other projects.

Here's the same one hung on the wall. I usually have some other pictures here, but my plan was to take down my usual pictures and hang a grouping of these in their place during Halloween.

Here are two others that I did. The gentleman with the top hat is in a frame I don't really like, so I have to find another one for him and I also need to find one for the other lady, on the right. I think they are sort of fun.
You can get free silhouette clip art online in many places, if you're not comfortable making drawings yourself. Here's one site I found ; Silhouette Clip ArtThe Graphics Fairy might also have some images that could be used as well and she often will find certain images on request.

This fall grouping in front of the living room fireplace is comprised of two "funkins" that I bought on clearance when Michael's started getting all the Christmas stuff out, a faux black crow that I had bought one year to go with one of my Halloween costumes (I was a witch and the crow was mounted on my hat!) and some other fall leaves and berries and misc florals that I had either bought on clearance in the dollar bin or had leftover from some other project.  I just love to shop the house to make something like this which is so pretty, yet cost me relatively few dollars; I also like to find uses for leftover materials from other projects. I hate to be wasteful!

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you found some more ideas to use in your own home!


Bella said...

Hi Katie, More cute ideas!! I was wanting to do some silhoutes.. so thanks for graphics links!
Hope you are having a fun weekend, how is Olive?

Katie@LeBeauPaonVictorien said...

Olive is doing wonderfully! I'll be posting about her soon. :-) She's a delight.