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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Front Doors Dressed for Christmas

The double front doors at Le Beau Paon are one of my favorite things about the front of our house. The double doors really come in handy when bringing in large pieces of furniture (the harmonium and the piano come to mind.) I'd really love to have some fancy new door hardware too, but that's for another time.

I started my Christmas decorating this weekend and decided to get going on the outdoor decorations first, since the weather was sunny and the temperatures were in the high 30s, low 40s, which isn't too bad for this time of year. I began my decorating with making a garland to go around the double front doors.

I was looking for a picture of the front doors with no decorations, but then realized that I don't seem to have any. I guess I never take pictures of the front doors unless I'm showing them off with some kind of decorations in place. So, here is a picture of them with my Hallowe'en decor in place.

So, try to imagine them without the pumpkins!

And here are some "after" pictures..............
After I took this picture I realized that I took the picture without my Christmas wreath hanging up! I'll have more pictures of the porch another time, when I have all the lights put up and also the garland that I did around the porch railings.

The center of the garland: to which I added some faux red berries. The rest of the greenery is all natural greenery. This year I went with a mixed white pine and cedar garland. I usually buy a 25' garland from a local nursery. I also decided to add some other elements to the garland to give it more punch. The variegated cedar adds an alternative color. I also added some Carolina Sapphire Blue boughs for a different texture, and red huckleberry branches for interest and color. I do like to use natural greenery because it's very Victorian and it smells heavenly when entering the house.
Some more of the greenery frames the porch lights, along with a wired ribbon bow. The porch lights are mounted on big, scrolly brackets that really help anchor all the greenery. I don't really have to use much wire to hold everything up and even on windy days, this area is quite sheltered and I never have a problem with pieces becoming dislodged. At  the top of the doors, in the middle, there is a small ledge where the window is and I have one nail up there that I use to attach wire to. A couple of well placed staples along the top from a staple gun also helps and one or two on the sides are all I need. I don't like making holes in the wood siding, so I use them very sparingly and I try to put them in the same place as last year to minimize holes.
I also used some of the same white pine/cedar garland on the porch railings, with a few red bows and some balsam fir branches tucked in for added texture. I have to place all the lights in the garland before I consider it "done", so I didn't take any pictures yet of the whole porch.

I had some leftover garland and greenery which I have used inside the house, but those pictures are for another post!

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Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Just stopping by to say hi!! I am catching up! Everything looks so beautiful!!


Mariette said...

Dearest Katie,

Your double front door looks so much like 'Old World Charm'... complete with brass mail box! What an entrance that makes. Quite practical as you already did point out!!!
The wreath looked lovely, with the pumpkins still residing and for sure with the lights in place it will look charming.

Have a great time completing all your beautiful life greenery.

Mariette's Back to Basics

DANA said...

What a great post! I would love for you to link this up to my linky party! http://danajeanward.blogspot.com/2010/11/link-up-giveaway-and-winner.html

Heather said...

Hello! I am visiting from Met Monday. Your front entry is absolutely beautiful. I am so jealous of the fresh greenery. I live in California, and fresh greenery never lasts. I look forward to visiting again!

A Perfect Setting said...

Your outdoor decorations are sooo lovely! I used to use all fresh, but by Christmas Day, it didn't look so great, so I have gone to artificial. Doesn't look as good as yours!!

Light and Voices said...

Fresh looks ten times better than artificial. Lovely blog.
Joyce M

Donnie said...

I love the photos of the front door decorations. Just lovely. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

Linda said...

I would love to use fresh garland, but it is too warm here..it dries up, but I do get some to mix in from the pieces that are cut off Christmas trees and fill in a bit with that. They give that away for free and I can go back when it dries out! Your doors are lovely!!

Pam said...

Great post! I have been trying to decide whether to do real of fake this year. I have to admit your real greenery looks so much better than the fako stuff I bought. I haven't put it around the door yet so I still might take it back to the store.