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Monday, May 10, 2010

Garden Goods: Lovely Lilac

Last week for Outdoor Wednesday you may remember my complaint lament that my yard is lilac-less.(HERE)

Well! Not anymore!

I visited a local nursery yesterday near my sister's house and bought myself a lilac. The name of this one is "Pocahontas". It's very fragrant and an early bloomer and will grow about 10-12 feet high. I got a pretty good-sized one and it was only $25.00. It's already about five feet tall. Right now it's still in it's nursery planter and I have it sitting next to my Adirondack chairs in the back yard. The weather has not been co-operative, so I hope to plant it before the end of the week.

I also bought a few annuals to plant in one of my empty pots. Pink geraniums in two different shades, yellow calibrachoa, and pink and yellow lantana. I've never grown lantana before; it's an annual here in Wisconsin.

I also planted this pretty Astra (Osteospermum) called "Pink Spoon", in another pot I had empty from last year.
I still have 2 or 3 empty pots that need flowers and a few spaces in my perennial gardens that I leave open for annuals, but the weather has been really sketchy and cold lately, so I will wait until Memorial Day to plant more annuals. I also have a number of  young bunnies in my yard that have been munching on my pansies. Hopefully in a few weeks they will be grown enough to be gone from my yard and will leave my flowers alone!

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Bella said...

Hi Katie, Thats a very pretty lilac, and a great deal! Baby bunnies! I am sure they are problematic... but oh how sweet to watch:-)

Johanna said...

Hi Katie, thats a good investment to buy a lilac shrub. You will have plenty of joy with it for many years.
Greetings, Johanna

Debbie said...

So pretty, and it is a great idea.....I am getting so much garden inspiration since blogging, and learning all kinds of good stuff!