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Sunday, May 16, 2010

This and That: Rummage Sale Finds

Hello friends in blogland!

I had a very busy weekend and have missed out on some blog parties I wanted to participate in; but alas, sometimes real life gets in the way of blogging! :-)
My youngest sister started a new job and has asked me to babysit my two nephews for the next few Fridays during her orientation for her new job; Fridays are usually my day off, when I do most of my housework, gardening,errands, appointments, blog pictures and tablescape creations, because I work full time.
At any rate, I'm happy to help out my family when I can and I will just have to manage my free time a little differently for a few weeks.

I did want to post some pictures of a couple neat things acquired recently at rummage sales.

This super-awesome antique brass Westinghouse fan I got for $25 at my aunt and uncle's rummage sale this weekend. I had never seen this fan before but it's been in my uncle's family for many years apparently. Now both retired, my aunt and uncle are going to be moving out of state and have been getting rid of things. The fan still works beautifully and is surprisingly quiet. I've always wanted one of these for my office. An antique fan and an old typewriter to be exact! Now I just have to find an old typewriter!

My mom found two of these column-like vases at a rummage sale last weekend and bought them for me. They are both filled with very dusty old silk flowers and faux ivy ( I believe they were old wedding decorations), but she knew that I'd be able to do something with them. I am right now trying to decide which room I want them in and what color to paint these. I haven't decided if I will paint them all white or do a faux stone or faux marble finish on them. Flowers? Or topiaries? Hmmmm.....the possibilities seem endless!

I also spent quite a bit of time outside today; after over a week of nearly straight rain and temperatures in the 40s and 50s (unusual for May, even here!), it was finally sunny enough and nice enough to work outside. I planted my new lilac and some new hosta in the shade bed. Erik got the hose and hose cart out of the garage so I could spray wash my Adirondack chairs. I need to touch up the paint on them in a few places and then I'm going to coat them with Thompson's Water Seal which will protect the wood and the paint.
I want to make some pretty outdoor pillows for my chairs also.
I will post pictures of my gardens as things progress.
My climbing roses will soon be blooming. One of them I believe to be a William Baffin climbing rose, the other is a mystery.

Thanks for stopping by!


Bella said...

Hi Katie,
Love your finds! The fan is very cool! An office decked out with that fan and an old typewriter would be very Ellery Queen :-) You could write the next great mystery novel :-) You do have a great eye for details!

Bead and Needle said...

What a GREAT treasure the fan is - and it gets to stay in the family! This blog is so relaxing - beautiful pictures and music!

Jason said...

Great old Westinghouse tank motor fan. It's worth way more than the $25 you paid. Around 10x more at least. If you ever want to sell, post here & I'll buy if from ya & take good care of it.