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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

White Wednesday: Flowers in White

Welcome back to another White Wednesday! Make sure you go back to visit Faded Charm to see all the other glorious whites for this week!

My double white peonies are blooming........
They are actually a couple of weeks early!
This is their second year after transplanting them from my mom's house and I finally have enough blooms to actually cut some!
I love the hint of bright pink in the center....
My white "Snowball" viburnum is in full bloom too!
I had some old-fashioned bleeding hearts in a vase in the house and I can now add some viburnum and a few peonies to the arrangement.

Thanks for joining me!


Linda said...

Your flowers are beautiful!

Faded Charm said...

Peonies are my favorite flower and yours in white is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Take care,


joanny said...

Simply gorgeous blooms -lovely white garden peonies and viburnums- sweet little pink bleeding hearts. My flowers seem to take two years two before I get some decent blooms too.

Happy Wednesday!

Melly said...

Your flowers are beautiful! Isn't it wonderful when you have enough blooms that you can delight in them both inside the home and in the garden?
Enjoy your day!

Lori said...

what beautiful blooms...thanks for sharing!!!

Bella said...

Hi Katie... Love your white peonies... gorgeous! You know it amazes me how fast spring is in other parts of the country! Our spring started a lot sooner than yours and you are passing us by. We had lilacs at the same time but my peonies are still buds!

Olga said...

I don't see white peonies and snowballs very often. Lovely pictures.

Lady Farmer said...

Your snowballs look just like mine! ;~P They are gorgeous and so are those lucious peonies!
I also enjoyed the little walking tour for your Outdoor Wednesday! What a fabulous neighborhood you live in! (I love spirea, too!)
Be Blessed!

32˙North said...

Isn't it satisfying when all the work in the garden pays with with something as lovely as your peonies? They're wonderful!


Miss Gracie's House said...

Beautiful *WHITE* flowers!