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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blooms in the Garden

It's spring, finally, in Wisconsin! Well, actually, we've had some really nice weather this spring. A few cold and rainy days in the last two weeks spoiled all the nice early weather we had, but all in all, it has been a much nicer spring than we've had in years.

My pink Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts (Dicentra spectibilis) seemed to grow a foot every day and are now covered profusely in blooms. There are actually three of them in a row here and they are taking up a large part of this garden and are in danger of moving into the space where I have ghost ferns. I might have to move my ferns!
The tulips in front of my house along the walkway are blooming now also. These are 'late spring' tulips and usually I don't see them this early. They are about 2 weeks ahead of schedule due to the warm April weather we had! I bought these mail order from Breck's about three years ago. They were expensive and had to be shipped from Holland but were worth it. They are HUGE.

These tulips had interesting names. The white ones are called 'Ice Princess', the yellow is called 'Sancerre' and the purple ones are 'Passionale'. I especially love the white ones; they are so beautiful up close.

Thanks for joining me!


Bella said...

Hi Katie... Beautiful spring photos! Doesn't everything just feel better when the flowers start blooming!! I love the big bleeding hearts, gorgeous!

Olga said...

I'm jealous of your tulips; they are so beautiful. I planted my tulip buds earlier this spring, but they got eaten by some unidentified worms. No tulips for me this spring :-(

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi Katie,
So nice to meet you. I am so glad you commented and I came over for a visit. I love bleading hearts, and tulips,,wonderful blooms.
Your banner is most excellent!

Alisa said...

I just checked your blog and saw your bleeding heart! It is the only thing blooming in our garden right now, our tulips are gone. Lilacs are out and iris soon to follow! love your pics