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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fabulous Vintage Apron

Did I ever mention my love for vintage aprons? I am sure I must have.....but if you missed the 'memo', there it is. For years I only owned one apron; it was a full apron, black, with a picture of wine bottles on it and it was a modern-day type apron. Functional. Sturdy. Boring.
I usually like to wear an apron in the kitchen, since I'm sort of a messy chef, and I always get things on my clothes that inevitably will stain. Especially if I'm entertaining and I'm already dressed for the party and I have a few last minute things to put together or a sauce or salad dressing to mix up, I will usually end up spilling something on myself. Cue the apron. My grandmother always wore one in the kitchen and I'm quite sure most of them were ones she had owned since her earliest days of married life. I started to appreciate the apron and it's usefulness, especially the charming vintage ones,  only a few years ago. I love how many of them were hand-made and adorned with pretty trim and embroidery. It was like fashion and function all in one! I could keep my clothes clean and also look ravishing!

I have about five or six vintage aprons now and I find them at consignment shops and other places like that,
usually for less than $6.  Yesterday I was antiquing with my mother-in-law and came across this beautiful blue apron. I knew I had to have it!!! And my husband, the sweetie that he is, bought it for me.

I love the Tiffany blue color and the white rick-rack trim!

My mother-in-law and I considered that the white diamond-shaped fabric with the blue tulips might actually be a matched pair of handkerchiefs that were sewed on to make pockets. The fabric is thin and dainty enough that they do look a lot like they might have been handkerchiefs at one time. This apron was obviously home sewed. It is in really good shape, with only a small stain on the front, near the top. I will definitely feel like a fashionista the next time I wear this apron in my kitchen!


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Love the pretty apron!

Porch Days said...

That blue color is lovely - like a robin's egg. This apron will be for show, not frying bacon.