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Friday, February 11, 2011

Soup Crocks and Mummies

You may ask what soup crocks and mummies have in common.....................well, they have NOTHING in common, duh!   :-)

But seriously.......last week for Super Bowl Sunday we saw mummies and went to Williams-Sonoma and bought some soup crocks. We did also watch the Super Bowl (well, the second half of the game) because of course, our home team, the Green Bay Packers, were playing, so we had to be supportive even if neither Erik or I are die-hard sports folks.

I've been wanting to see the Mummies of the World exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum since it's arrival. Even though it will be on exhibit until May, I could hardly wait to see it and we decided that if we went on a Sunday afternoon, during the Super Bowl, we'd probably have the whole museum to ourselves! We were correct; other than maybe three or four other folks, we had it almost  all to ourselves. It was so nice.

Afterwards, we stopped at W-S. Erik had admired some Apilco lion's-head soup crocks when we were there the other day. I had planned to make home-made French oinion soup for dinner that night, but realized that none of my everyday dinnerware plates and bowls were oven-safe. Nor was I certain about the oven-safety of any of my vintage dishes. I had registered for individual soup crocks when we got married in 2007, but I did not receive any and since I don't actually own any, we thought now might be the time to invest in some.

There are two different sizes; the smaller ones have a matching lid. We decided that we would prefer the larger ones, sans lid. I do love hearty soups, especially in the winter.

At one time I had hoped to find an antique ironstone soup tureen, but whenever I see them in good condition they are often out of my price range. Like a large antique ironstone pitcher I crave but never can get, an ironstone soup tureen will have to be "my unicorn". I do love these lion's head crocks though, even if they are new and not vintage. They are Apilco, which is a very nice French porcelain. There is a matching lion's-head tureen that goes with these crocks; very beautiful and very expensive!

We've been slowly building a collection of All-Clad cookware, one piece at a time; we will probably do the same with these crocks.

The Mummies of the World exhibit was awesome! I enjoyed it very much. (I had to buy the book also!)
Sorry, but pictures or video footage are not allowed in the exhibit, so this is all I can share with you!
If you want to see a preview of the exhibit or find out if it's coming to your area, here's the link:

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Mariette said...

Dearest Katie,

Finally I got my PC in order so now I can read some blogs and catch up. You were smart for going to the museum during Super Bowl.
YOUR Bowls are SUPER however; love those for onion soup especially. Cupping both hands around on a winter day makes you go to heaven!
Enjoy them and stay warm for the remainder of this seemingly long winter.
Lots of love,


Bead and Needle said...

Love the bowls, Katie...love French Onion soup even more, you lucky girl! And, I checked out the Mummies thing late last night, to see where it was going next. Would LOVE to see this, but unfortunately, they are being pretty tight lipped on where it will go next. Happy Saturday - off to do a bit of antiquing with a friend. Tanya

Kathleen said...

I see you like WSonoma! I go to the Outlet almost every week. I have those soup bowls with covers and the large covered tureen. You wouldn't believe the deal I go on it. Even got one for my friend, The Tablescaper where I found you.
Have a great ♥ weekend!

Kathleen said...

Just signed up to follow!