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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good Will Hunting......

Or should I say, Goodwill hunting???   ;-)

Yesterday on my way to JoAnn's to buy fabric for pillow shams that I made for my bedroom, I had a box of things to be dropped off at Goodwill. After dropping off my box of donated household items and some clothing, I couldn't just drive away. I had to go inside the store and see what goodies there might be.

40 minutes later I walked out with a bigger box than the one I brought in, even though I spent a mere $25.00!

I found four of these nice old-fashioned-style malt glasses. I'm not sure of they are vintage or reproduction, but they are very heavy and nicely made and were only $1 each. I've always wanted some of these; I don't eat a lot of ice cream (I'm lactose intolerant), but I do like yogurt smoothies and these glasses are perfect for malts, smoothies or even other beverages, like iced tea or lemonade.
I also found 3 of these heavy glass sundae glasses. I had one already and it was exciting to find 3 more that are almost identical to the one I have. These were also $1 each.
My obsession lately with creamers made me buy this little white cow creamer for $1. He's so cute!
I also found this hobnail milk glass footed bowl. $2
I bought the small vase and this milk glass plate for 49 cents each to make a small pedestal plate for serving or displaying, or to stack on top of my Fenton milk glass cake pedestal to make a tiered server.
I found 9 of these plates also and I just loved the blue rim and the red cherries....I think this would look so sweet paired with my blue transferware for a more casual table look. These plates were 49 cents each and I believe are just inexpensive Mainstays Home plates, which is a line carried by Wal-Mart. I thought these also would look lovely for outdoor dining or picnics and because they were so inexpensive, if some of them got broken, I wouldn't care.
I also found this pewter tray for $1.99. These were popular in kitchens in the 1970s; almost everyone I knew had one of these pewter 'Our Daily Bread' trays; even my grandmother and my aunts. It's marked 1972 on the back, so it's younger than me by two years! LOL!   I had to have it and I think I will actually use mine for serving sliced or fancy breads.
I also bought this painted silver metal tray for a future project; it was .99 cents.
I also found some great linens. This never-used tablecloth was $4. And it's HUGE. It should fit nicely on my dining room table.
This one for my kitchen table was $3.
And this beautiful cutwork embroidered tablecloth with scalloped edge was $3 also.

And last but not least, I had to include this little bowl:

It's pretty small, so maybe it's a berry bowl?? It's too deep to be a saucer? Not sure. It's marked Johann Haviland on the back, also marked Bavaria. I did not find this dish at GW; I actually found it in my flower bed in my front yard. It was just sitting there, next to my coleus. I don't know how it got there or who put it there, but it seems the Dish Fairy literally came to my house! I weeded the flower bed Friday afternoon last week and when I went outside the next morning (Saturday) it was there, in plain sight! I can't figure it out, but I hope the Dish Fairy brings me blue transferware next time!

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Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

What great finds!!! I love the ice cream dishes and the milk glass and the vintage linens!!


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

What great finds!!! I love the ice cream dishes and the milk glass and the vintage linens!!


Cass @ That Old House said...

Wow, the Dish Fairy is in your neighborhood now? Unfair ... :-)

Love the GW finds -- milkglass gorgeous -- my Mom had that same plate, and she wove velvet ribbon in kelly green thru the openings, made a bow, and hung it (with a twin) on my robins' egg blue bedroom wall when I was a little girl.

Cow Creamer? Classic!

And that blue and white tablecloth is a real find if it is genuine vintage and not a reproduction. My mother and grandmothers had similar ones. I have one small one, with a hole in it!

Best ... Cass

Debby said...

How fun to have a dis fairy!!! Looks like you found lots of goodies while dropping your lot off...LOL..

Bella said...

Hi Again... I am behind in reading everyones blogs:-)
Our Goodwill has nothing! I am so jealous! Love your new tableclothes.. great prices too!
I don't do the milk thing either (I am vegan). If you freeze 1/2" slices of bannanas and put them in the blender with enough soy milk to get them going (plus whatever goodies you want) you can make a thick soft serve.. it's yummy :-)