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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Show & Tell Friday: Lovely Ladies

Thanks for joining me again for another Show & Tell Friday,  and thanks for our wonderful host, Cindy at My Romantic Home!
I thought I would show you two more of my lovely lady dolls. A couple of weeks ago, I showed some pictures of my Marie Antoinette lady doll, who was part of my Queen Victoria Tea Party, (click HERE).

This lady doll I purchased in the early 1990s, from Franklin Heirloom Dolls, which was the same place I bought Marie Antoinette. This doll didn't have a name, she was just called "A Night at The Opera in Paris", so I named her myself. I call her Eveline.
She stands about two feet tall and wears an evening gown of mauve pink taffeta.
I love how her skirt flares out at the bottom with pleated panels topped with silk roses.

The bodice is decorated with dyed-to match Venice lace and pearls.
Her burgundy organza train is attached at the waist with a Venice lace bustle.
Her evening wrap is also burgundy organza with Venice lace, pearls and a pink rose. She wears opera-length white gloves. Her ladies' maid would have turned the gloves inside out and powdered her arms for ease in sliding the gloves on.
Her ladies' maid would have also helped her do her elaborate 'up-do'. Maybe she saw this hairstyle in Godey's Lady's Book and copied it. Curling papers and hot tongs might have been used to make all the lovely little curls.
She probably would have worn an ostrich feather in her topper. (This feather looks a little worse for wear.....the evils of storage, where she's been residing for a few years.)
Scandalous! Showing leg (or even ankles) would not have been very proper! But, I just had to take a peek at her cute little shoes and her pantaloons under her petticoat.

I also have this beautiful bride doll that my mother made for me in 1995.
Her exquisite dress is made with thread crochet. The doll itself is just a Barbie doll with brown hair.

I can't even imagine the hours of work that went into making this. I don't even really know how long it took her to make it. I was previously married at the age of 24 (which was why my mother made this for me; it was a wedding gift.) Unfortunately, my marriage was not a happy one and I was divorced by the time I was 29. Luckily for me, after years of being single, I met the true love of my life, my dear sweet hubby, Erik, and was a second -time bride at 37.

Look at this amazing train..........
And this bustle of roses........

She even put the doll's hair in a pretty up-do and made the veil.

Look at her tiny bouquet of colorful crocheted flowers!
I'd like to find a suitable cabinet to display her in; right now she's in a small display case. I'd like to find one large enough to put my other lady dolls with her. I have a total of five lady dolls and this bride doll. Right now, Eveline and three others are in their special padded boxes in a large trunk in a spare bedroom, waiting.

Thanks for stopping by!


Ruth said...

the dolls are gorgeous... love your blog. i enjoyed browsing through and reading all the posts. following you!

Our Back Porch said...

OMG! These dolls are fabulous! Happy Show-n-Friday.

Back Porch Blessings,

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

O sweet mama!!
Both dolls are fantastically gorgeous but you know Katie that my favorite is the first one!!

What a Victorian dream doll!!

You have left me breathless, my dear!!


Debbie said...

Boy are they ever pretty! So detailed and delicate...what a beautiful collection you have. THanks for popping in today...Have a great weekend.

Bill said...

The first one is very beautiful, but I'm so impressed with what your mother created for you. All that detail and those tiny stitches! It's a tangible testimony of a mother's love!

Heidi said...

Your mother is very talented to have made that elaborate crocheted dress for the bride, so patient, too! Bet it took forever to complete-and know it was made with love!
Thanks for stopping by earlier, I appreciate the sweet comment, and hope you'll be back again soon.
Heidi - Heart and Home

Sherry said...

These dolls are wonderful! The crocheted dress of the second doll is amazing! The little bouquet is so smart.
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Susan said...

Your dolls are gorgeous! I especially love the doll with the taffeta gown!! How awesome is that"