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Sunday, April 25, 2010

This and That: A Day of Hunting for Treasure

It was a grey, rainy and somewhat chilly day today.....good thing Erik and I had plans to make a trip to Columbus to the antique mall!. My mother-in-law came along with us. It was a really fun day for all!

Our day began at about 7:30 a.m when we left our house armed with coffee and the promise of finding treasures! The drive to Columbus from our house is about an hour.
The antique mall is housed in what I believe is an old canning factory. It's huge. I forget the exact square footage, but there are 3 floors and room after room after room of goodies.
In one of the first rooms at the beginning of the day.......and yes, that's my long-haired hubby there minding our treasure-hunting baskets. Erik always enjoys helping me look for items and he always finds plenty to amuse him. While I immediately make a beeline for vintage linens and dishes, Erik goes straight for vintage books, print ads, record albums and magazines. He is a vintage book junkie.
This is just one of a bazillion booths filled with dishes and glassware. The shelves on the right were literally exploding with Fostoria glassware. Much of it was in the Corsage pattern.

We got such a laugh over this, that I took a picture.  Can you imagine the uproar this advertising sign would cause today?  Give Camels for Christmas...gift wrapped even!!

Everyone came away with some goodies. As expected, I brought home a stack of vintage linens....

Delicious lace runners and guest towels.....
Fabulous vintage print tablecloths.......
I loved this red rose table runner also....I especially love the prices. Most of these linens cost between $2.00-4.00. I found a large white tablecloth that I can use on my dining room table for $5.00. A couple of them came from vendor booths that were having a 50% off sale.
I found these little oval frames for $1.00 each.
I remembered seeing this vintage tin at my last visit and admired it. I decided since it was still there, it was destined to become part of my collection. I have been trying to imagine what oysters that came from a big giant can would look like and taste like, but the image is too gross to contemplate for long.
I was able to locate from memory a vendor booth that I particularly liked on my last visit to the antique mall where there is often random pieces from old china sets that can be had inexpensively. I bought my twelve Royal York plates at this same place, two for one dollar. (click HERE to read about these dishes). Today I found some more that were two for one dollar........... I got several of these plates with pink roses;I liked how simple they were.
I also found eight of these. They are actually large saucers, but are quite cupped, and almost look like a bowl. I think they would work really well as a dessert/berry bowl or a small salad bowl.

I found 4 of these pretty cereal/soup bowls also. They were $1.00 each. I thought they would go nicely with my blue transferware. I did also find some Spode blue transferware dishes to add to my collection, but I will save those for another post...hopefully, Tablescape Thursday post!

Our best find was an antique piano/parlor organ bench with cast iron decorative legs and original upholstery on the seat! We were very excited. We've been looking for two years for a bench for our harmonium,(click HERE to read about our harmonium) with no luck. The screws that hold the legs in place are a little loose, but with tightening, it should be as sturdy as ever. I was somewhat unsure of the RED velvet seat, but other than some fading and a few threadbare spots, it's not that bad, so I might leave it as is. I might be tempted to add some fringe however!

Thanks for stopping by!
I really enjoyed sharing the "booty" from my treasure hunt!


Bella said...

Hi Katie... Wow it looks like you had a great day! So many lovely purchases and great prices... Glad you had such a great weekend!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

I would be in heaven if I had a place like that close to me!! I enlarged every pics so I could see everything better as I drooled over those pics!!

Love the plates that you picked up and the bench is great!!

On Wed. my favorite Thrift Store is having their end of month Half Price Wednesday sale so I will be there waiting for those doors to open at 9 am. Last month I scored red transferware there!!

I hope to post my finds on Thursday!


Debby said...

Look at all your beautiful treasures. I love everything, what a fun and beautiful day.

Mimi said...

Katie, you found lots of treasures to bring home...love the blue/white soup bowls, but the vintage linens are my favorite. That pink and blue one looks interesting...

The Rustic Victorian said...

I call that a VERY GOOD DAY.