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Saturday, April 24, 2010

This and That: Summer Bedding

Recently I made the switch from our winter bedding to summer bedding. I never used to be one of those people who did that, but when I found some great deals on sheets and a pretty, lightweight quilt, I decided that I will be one of those people!

This is our "regular" bedding. It was made by Croscill Home and the pattern was called "Wisteria". It's very fancy, with lots of cord braid,  passementerie,embroidery and tassels....all my favorite things. The comforter is very thick and very heavy, so even with the "light" colors, it's very rich looking.

I switched out the heavy comforter for a lighter weight quilted coverlet that I found for $40.

It's so pretty!  My hubby is one of those men who are always hot, even in the middle of winter ( and I'm always cold!). He will really like this lighter cover this summer. We have central A/C, but he still complains often about being too warm at night.
These sheets I found a few months ago at TJMaxx for $20.
I still want to find some different pillow shams. I have four, two regular and two European that go with my regular bedding. I was thinking something in white eyelet. I might have to sew some!
I don't think I've ever posted pictures of the other things in our room. This table I use for my bedside table. It's actually an antique Singer sewing machine. The top opens up and the sewing machine comes out. I bought this many years ago at an auction...for $2.00 !
On my dresser I have a pretty cut glass hair receiver. It has a pretty celluloid/bakelite top. (The woman in the photo is my mom; her high school graduation picture in 1964) I'm still looking for a pretty vintage mirror and brush set to put on this dresser.

I use this vintage handkerchief as a dresser scarf to hide a gouge in the top of this antique dresser that I bought at an estate sale years ago.

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Mimi said...

What a nice light airy room...it is the opposite in my family, I am the one that is always too warm and my husband is all bundled up with an extra quilt at night!
1964...great year, that is when I graduated, too...

Debby said...

So pretty! I love both of your sets, beautiful.

Red Door Home said...

I have never swithced bedding although I have thought about making curtains for summer and winter. I do find myself wanting to have less stuff around this time of year and more "clutter" during the winter.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

I used to change all the curtains and the bedding in the house from Summer to winter ones but that was before two kids and working full time. Now I just don't have the time to do it but I would love to be able to. My mother always did it as part of her Spring cleaning and Fall cleaning.
Maybe since the boys have moved out I may reconsider it but I seems that I have less time now. Probably because I have gotten myself involved in so many other things.....
Anyway, this post is just so lovely .....as always!! I left a comment on the post of your house(outside), I was horrified that I almost missed it!!

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

Wow! You have a gorgeous room!
It looks like a B&B!
You have netting on your bed, too!
I love the sheet set and matelasse coverlet-yum!
Bugger... I was at an antiques mall today, and for $14.00!!!, they had an antique celluloid set of a mirror and brush- I believe you would have loved it! I did. It was on clearance because the booth seller was closing up shop.
I didn't get it cuz I don't need them. But if I had- I would have sent them to you because your home is so much more romantically elegant and can have such things!
My last sewing machine, may it Rest in peace, was in a cabinet. It makes a great concealed table, doesn't it?
Well, your home is just lovely and filled with love!
Thank you for coming by my home and the sweet comments about my master bedroom!
I appreciate it :)
(Wow! I talk a lot! Sorry.)

The Rustic Victorian said...

What a wonderful bed...just beautiful,,,it looks cool...I chuckel,,my man is always cold and I am hot! I think your bed is so magazine worthy, just,,,yum!