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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tablescape Thursday: True Blood Tribute Table

It's that time of the week again.....yes, you guessed it! Tablescape Thursday, hosted once again by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch ! I can't wait to see all the wonderful tables that are in store for us dish lovers!

This week I had some fun putting together a tablescape that was sort of inspired by my love  obsession with the HBO TV Series, True Blood. The original shows that they air on HBO are my secret vice; there are too many that I have watched religiously than I care to admit!

(If you're not a fanatic  fan of the show, or don't have cable, it's about vampires )
But that's all you need to know about it to appreciate my True Blood inspired tablescape. The new season premieres June 3, so if I have a "premiere party" I already have this table idea ready to go!

I tried to infuse a little of the "old world" glamor, romance and elegance that someone might associate with "vampire style" into the table. Not that vampires eat, of course. But we eat! And drink wine! And it's fun!
As you would expect, I've used a black, white and red (for blood!) color scheme. I'm using my black transferware plates tonight.
For the cover, I placed a red damask napkin diagonally under my vintage hem-stitch linen place mats.
The matching vintage linen napkins look wonderful paired with red damask napkins. I used a fold called the "monogram" fold, which is typically used for a monogrammed napkin and normally would be a single napkin, but I loved how the red underneath really sets off the hem-stitch edge and highlights the cutwork embroidery.
Of course, my table would not look right without my new silverware! (You'll be seeing this silverware a lot, I'm sure!) "Baroque" by Godinger.
A trio of glassware; for wine, water and whatever else!

Close up of the plates again. $3.99 at TJ Maxx! Click HERE to view the other tablescape I did using my black transferware plates.

My antique cruet castor makes it's appearance on the table once again.
For my centerpiece, I filled a trifle bowl with water and added some floating candles, then placed red (faux) roses around the base. (The skull and crossbones cocktail napkins I added last minute. They are from Hallow'een!)
The white ones are gardenia-scented, so when they are lit, the room smells heavenly!
Sparkly bobeche with crystal pendants on a crystal candlestick adds a touch more elegance to the tablescape.

Bird's-eye view

I just love the contrast of the deep red and the white. The fancy handle of the silver flatware with the red damask makes me think of an old castle with big chandeliers and tapestries on the walls!
This bottle of wine was what actually inspired me to do a True Blood/vampire-inspired table. A friend gave this to me as sort of a joke for a Hallow'een costume party we had, but it's actually real wine. I don't even want to drink it because I like the bottle so much. (And I'm afraid it might be really nasty!)

And since we all know vampires aren't around during the day...this table looks wonderful by night! Let's light some candles....

Thanks for stopping by!


Kristy Carberry said...

Very elegant! I've never watched True Blood, but I have a coworker that is OBSESSED with it!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Katie, This table is so rich, deep and upscale Transalvanian! I love the beautiful crocheted lace tablecloth and all the vintage linens! The red with the black transferware carries the rich with a dark side theme. I LOVE your silverware! Oh, gorgeous!
Thanks for stopping by tonight and for your lovely comments.
I think you should wear a turtleneck sweater when you eat at this table!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Oh, you have used a crocheted tablecloth too! This is very pretty! I don't like vampires, but I sure like the creative way you have put this all together! Great job! Beautiful photography!


Bella said...

You must have the premier party... because you have the perfect table, and I suspect you are the perfect hostess :-)
I have never watched True Blood.. but you can't love Victorian and Goth without a love of the bad boy vampires:-)
Have a Great Night!

Johanna said...

Hi, I really don't like vampir films. but I like the theme for your table and you have made the absolutely phantastic and elegant transsylvanian table, matching to that. I like what you did with the napkins, that looks great. Surely the transferware and the stemware also and Godinger Baroque ist just gorgeous for it. But the highlight for this theme is the pattern of that nice crochet tablecloth. Doesn't it look like valuably cobwebs.
Greetings, Johanna

Anita @ Far Above Rubies said...

Gorgeous table!! Oh my I LOVE your cruet castor! Love the red and black. You always have fabulous linens!!

Debby said...

Absolutely gorgeous table!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Very pretty! Loving every inch.

Happy TT

Tricia said...

Oh, the placesetting is really gorgeous! LOVE those vintage linens, and you've shown them off to perfection here. Very effective with the black transferware -- and such splendid flatware!

Mimi said...

Katie, that is my favorite tablecloth, just beautiful. Your table is so elegant.

coloradogal said...
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Dining Delight said...

I've never seen the show True Blood but I can tell you've captured the theme of it perfectly with your 'scape! Love the colour combo you've gone with! Your floating candles are lovely. That wine is so PERFECT! I can see why you'll never want to drink it! (do you think its blood? LOL!)


Katie@LeBeauPaonVictorien said...

I certainly hope it's not blood!!! LOL!
I think it was a relatively inexpensive wine (read: cheap) so who knows...it's a merlot, so maybe it will taste like blood! LOL!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

This is beautiful and elegant! I've never watched the newer vampire shows or Twilight - but I know they're quite popular -- my daughter loves them. I do remember as a young teen watching a very campy soap opera called "Dark Shadows" complete with a vampire story line -- loved it!

Tina Dalgren said...

By far my favorite!!!

Bead and Needle said...

Dark and beautiful! GREAT table...love how the lace tablecloth looks like spiderwebs, too. And, the reason you posted for not opening your bottle was exactly why I never opened mine, either (aside from the fact that it made a great Halloween addition). I loved the bottle so much, I didn't want to be disappointed with the contents.

Someone actually just wrote to me and told me it was quite good...I'm afraid mine is probably vinegar, after 9 years in my cupboard! :-)