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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crafty Things/Show and Tell Friday: Simple Sewing Project Pillow #2

Here's the second pillow cover I made. It turned out very pretty!
To read about this project and see Pillow #1, click HERE.
I will also be linking this up to Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home.

Here's what I started out with; these two pillows came with my free wing chairs. They are pretty, but I wanted to make new covers that would match my bedroom colors.
I conquered my fear of sewing to make simple covers using discontinued fabric samples that I bought for $1.00. They were just the right size to fit these pillows, with only a little bit of measuring and cutting needed.

This was the fabric I chose for pillow #2.

My supplies. The rolls of white and off-white tulle I already had in my craft closet, same for the blue ribbon.

Here's pillow #2, front side.

Back side of pillow #2.

And the finished pillow cover after I "fancied" it up!

I spent $4.00 for the four pieces of fabric squares ( a front and back for each pillow). The jewelry charms were each $3.00. The tulle and ribbon I already had, and the pillows themselves were free.
Total spent: $10.00 for two pretty pillows for my bed!

Thanks for joining me!


Mimi said...

Those are darling little pillows, Katie...sure can't beat the price, either.

Bella said...

Hi Katie.. your pillows are gorgeous. You did a great job!
I have discovered you are binge blogging and I have missed a ton of posts.. I have to go catch up :-)

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

your pillows are lovely.. job well done! :-)

Crystal said...

Oh it looks so good!!!! Great idea!

Victoria said...

Wow, what a darling little pillow..I love the bow!

Anita @ Far Above Rubies said...

Love what you did! I think that is the absolute best way to get a quick change too when you want. Beautiful!!

The Victorian Parlor said...

The pillows are gorgeous! You did a great job:).



Alisa said...

beautiful! not only pillows, but the entire blog, you are so creative!