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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The first bloom of my garden.....

Well, it's April 11th and here is the very first thing that has bloomed in my flower gardens.  Yay!

I didn't even plant these tulips. They were already here in this flower bed. Just one set of pink tulips. I keep forgetting to mark where they are so that when they are done blooming I can dig up the bulb and plant this with the rest of my tulips. We bought our house in the fall of 2006 and there was zero landscaping. Other than a small weedy flower bed of Dianthus, not a single flower to be seen! When spring rolled around that first year, I was surprised to find random tulips growing in the middle of the yard and in several other places. This one here was also growing, struggling to come out from under the dense foliage of a rather hideous looking globe arborvitae bush that was planted in this bed. I carefully marked where all the tulips were, dug them up out of the lawn and then saved them. I re-planted all of them into a nice flower bed on the other side of the house, but I missed this one!
I went to a local nursery to get some new mulch to add to my front flower beds, which were getting a little thin , and I couldn't resist buying a few packs of violas. They are a great spring flower for my area because they are pretty hardy little guys and can be planted this early. I don't usually plant annuals or even bring my pots out until mid-May because it's usually too cold here until then. This viola is called 'Blue Heaven'. I
saw that some of my violas from last year are coming back. Technically, pansies (viola cornuta) are annuals, but I have seen them re-seed themselves and come back for several seasons.

Thanks for stopping by!!!
Spring seems here at last!

1 comment:

Bella said...

Hi... That is a lucky free tulip it looks like the color of the ones in the tulip fields! Love the way it fades, at the base. We inherited a yard full of almost nothing! The grass was so tall there were tires, bricks and bottles in the far back... super fun (not)... Then in the spring a giant grove of peonies popped up, in the gravel driveway! They were gorgeous, and a lot of work to dig up!
Yeah spring!!